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    We are happy to announce our tentative 2017 Schedule. We hope you like what we have in store for you this year. We still have a tweaking to do and are looking at additions to our dates and will make announcements as they are added.

    Note that some of these dates are subject to change. We will be adding 'Passport Dates' with EvolveGT once they are announced as well as dates for our Advanced Training Program (ATP), Race License Schools and other special events. We will also be hosting track / practice days the Fridays before the 2017 N2/WERA Endurance Races.

    CHECK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DISCOUNTED PACKAGES AND MEMBERSHIPS. (Discounts will not last long.) http://forum.n2td.org/index.php?threads/2017-membership-sale-packages.39440/

    We want to thank you for your continued patience during the process and look forward to seeing everyone in 2017.

    Tentative 2017 Schedule

    3/25/2017-- Saturday-- Talladega GP

    3/26/2017-- Sunday-- Talladega GP

    4/8/2017-- Saturday-- NC Bike

    4/9/2017-- Sunday-- NC Bike

    4/15/2017-- Saturday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    4/16/2017-- Sunday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    4/15/2017-- Saturday-- Road Atlanta

    4/16/2017-- Sunday-- Road Atlanta

    4/21/2017-- Friday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit

    4/22/2017-- Saturday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit

    5/1/2017-- Monday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    5/20/2017-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course

    5/21/2017-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course

    5/20/2017-- Saturday-- Roebling Road Raceway

    5/21/2017-- Sunday-- Roebling Road Raceway

    5/26/2017-- Friday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    6/3/2017-- Saturday-- NC Bike

    6/4/2017-- Sunday-- NC Bike

    6/17/2017-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course

    6/18/2017-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course

    7/1/2017-- Saturday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    7/2/2017-- Sunday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    7/1/2017-- Saturday-- Road Atlanta

    7/2/2017-- Sunday-- Road Atlanta

    7/9/2017-- Sunday-- Summit Point- Shenandoah Circuit

    7/10/2017-- Monday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit

    7/14/2017-- Friday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course

    7/29/2017-- Saturday-- NJMP- Lightning

    7/30/2017-- Sunday-- NJMP- Lightning

    8/4/2017-- Friday-- VIR- North Course

    8/19/2017-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit

    8/20/2017-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit

    8/25/2017-- Friday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    8/26/2017-- Saturday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    8/27/2017-- Sunday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    9/2/2017-- Saturday-- Carolina Motorsports Park

    9/3/2017-- Sunday-- Carolina Motorsports Park

    9/4/2017-- Monday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt

    9/16/2017-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit

    9/17/2017-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit

    9/24/2017-- Sunday-- Summit Point- Shenandoah Circuit

    9/25/2017-- Monday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit

    10/7/2017-- Saturday-- NC Bike

    10/8/2017-- Sunday-- NC Bike

    10/2/2017-- Monday—NJMP- Thunderbolt

    11/25/2015-- Saturday-- Barber Motorsports Park

    11/26/2015-- Sunday-- Barber Motorsports Park
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  2. Kurt

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    Awesome schedule!!! Any hope of getting Roebling Road Raceway in there too?
  3. jcurtis

    jcurtis Control Rider N2

    Yes. Check the list again.

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  4. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    Awesome Schedule! Who is making the google calendar?
  5. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Nice! Loving the NJMP T-bolt weekends!
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  6. Dom17

    Dom17 Intermediate Intermediate

    Can't wait!!!
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  7. 03bueller

    03bueller Control Rider

    Hmmmm, seeing 13-14 weekends I can do right now....now what do I need to get the wife to keep her from killing me....
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  8. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    She can't get to you if your jumping from track to track!

    Any chance there will be some VIR-South dates added?
  9. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    [​IMG] ......Looks like I might have to do more than 12 this year....
  10. Dom17

    Dom17 Intermediate Intermediate

    I just noticed, there appears to be no NYST. I didn't get a chance to go last year, was this track not well received? I had also heard that the owners were difficult to deal with.
  11. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    Those were evolve days last year....
  12. Dom17

    Dom17 Intermediate Intermediate

    Oh I see, thanks for the heads up!
  13. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    Looks like evolve has posted their schedule on their page....
  14. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Before anyone exhausts energy making a calendar, we have a special URL for you tech-guys that will provide a full list of events in ICS or CSV format that you can import into various calendars complete w/ descriptions, tech times, rider meeting alarms, etc.

    Once the events have been added into the system (by Dec 5), the link may be used. I'll post details then.

    Geek out!
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  15. R1Baby

    R1Baby Control Rider

    Sweet. You guys rock.
  16. tad158

    tad158 Astronomer not Astrologer

    Awesome! Thanks Rob!
  17. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Control Rider

    Oh man! Things just keep getting better and better! 2017 is shaping up to be AWESOME! Thanks for all the hard work.
  18. vinny337

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    Loving this entire (tentative) schedule!
  19. highsidephoto

    highsidephoto New Member

    Calendar marked. See y'all in 2017!!
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  20. rlong.us

    rlong.us Ron Long

    Loving the Schedule, PittRace is an awesome track (currently my favorite followed by NC Bike). Pitt should be even better after the repave :)

    I was wondering when you normally have the schedule posted on the Website?

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