3 tracks 3 bikes; what do you choose?


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If you could run three track weekends on any bike(s) that you like, what would you choose?
  1. Portimao on a latest and last R6. I love the layout of that place and nothing beats riding a nimble Yamaha in the smiles department! And holy smokes on the racing there today, especially the big bikes.
  2. Assen, Misano, or Phillip Island (I'm terrible at being limited in my choices!) maybe on the 600 again or a lovely old 748. That bike always made me feel like a hero.
  3. Palmer Motorsports Park, probably on a little bike (300-400 or maybe SV size) or a well set up SuperMoto. It looks like a fun place to try the new R7.
How about you?


Alex's Ohvale Mechanic
That's easy.

1 and 2....2015 R1 or a Panigale V4. The electronics (wheelie control) would be essential with all those elevation changes. The HP and torque would also be great for the climbs. Middleweights are great bikes....but for these World Class facilities, I think I'd want the big bike power to take advantage of "Going fast in the fast parts" like King Kenny said so well. (At least as fast as I'm capable of riding).

3. Trek, Specialized or Cannondale because that track's outside corner areas look like a death trap. I won't ride Deal's Gap or the Dragon's Tail because of safety (and unnecessary Law Enforcement hazards to my driving record) and this track is absolutely no different than those except that it's a closed course. Event he hay bails say "you're probably dead" to me.



Control Rider
Phillip Island, an R1
Leguna Seca, my R6
Summit Jefferson, from 2008, with any motard 450 - why I never tried one when I had the chance...?


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Mugello - New s1krr
Valencia - Moto2 Triumph
Phillip Island - New r1 (I can do no wrong on that bike)