6.5 x 15 aluminum trailer for sale

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    2010 Mission Trailer 6.5 wide, interior is 12' long plus 3' extra with the cabinets. Wheel bearings repacked two weeks ago (and havent used it since), brand new 39" (3 of them) LED lights connected to a marine cell battery, battery can charge when connected to your tow vehicle, additional lights as well. Brand new pitbull TRS, new e track on both walls, additional chock for another bike. tie down tracks through out on the floor, privacy curtain in front half of trailer, roll down screen door for side door, vent in roof, roof insulated, tires have good tread and were just checked when i had the bearings packed, spare tire, mounted vice on countertop. Pitpal products for helmets, gas cans, tie downs. Email acarbonejr@yahoo.com for more info

    $4500 located in Long Island NY

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    Open to offers
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    Coming west anytime soon. I am in Chicago and interested. But Long Island it a haul for me.
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    sorry not at anytime but you could probably ship it
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