Anyone know how to get ahold of any management types for N2?

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by 01wj, Sep 12, 2019 at 4:29 PM.

  1. 01wj

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    Long story short, I bought a demo bike from Nesba years ago. Bike got stolen and recovered and I went down to the tow yard with the MSO signed over to me and they said that wasn't "good enough" to release the bike and need to bring a title. So, I took the MSO down to the DMV and apparently the seller needed to fill in a few more boxes, so no title for me. Now the problem is obviously, Nesba doesn't exist anymore so I apparently need someone from N2 to verify they took it over.

    Anyone know how or who I could contact?

    I'd kind of like to stop racking up the storage fees
  2. HondaGalToo

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    Jeez, what a mess. Start with
    I suspect you'll maybe need one of the N2 owners, however.
  3. 01wj

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    Yeah already shot them an e-mail, was just hoping on the off chance someone might know someone or have someone I could contact a little quicker as the $30 / day starts to add up. :mad:
  4. Otto Man

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    Totally off topic, but I swear the 01wj handle is familiar from somewhere...digging deep in the back of my head, maybe from one of the many Jeep forums I was on years ago.
  5. 01wj

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    Possibly Shoot that was a long time ago, like probably around 2002. Not sure if it still exists but good to hear from a fellow Jeeper.
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    That would be it. I was a moderator on there for years for the YJ board. Like you, I share the originality in picking screen names across different boards. :D

    How ironic that it'd be that I ended up getting out of the Jeep game in 2007-ish, due to life and and tired of wasting money...only to get into this hobby and end up in the same spot. LOL
  7. kappy1000

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    Seeing that N2 and NESBA are two different organizations with no relation, I don't see anything that could be done through N2. Bob Blanford was the owner of NESBA. Maybe start there. Good luck!
  8. 01wj

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    My apologies, I remember hearing Nesba was absorbed by N2, but I was just informed all they did was absorb the member list. I tried getting ahold of Bob Blanford but he never returned my phone call if it was even the right number. Either way, the Phoenix PD detective was kind enough to help me sort it out so it's been taken care of.

    Thanks anyways
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  9. 01wj

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    Funny how that happens ain't it? Same thing happened to me except for it was this and cave diving. One expensive hobby gets replaced by another. Either way, funny how we end up crossing paths randomly.

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