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Discussion in 'Ride Share' started by EJ LeMaitre, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. EJ LeMaitre

    EJ LeMaitre New Member

    If anyone is planning on making the drive to Barber from the Baltimore/DC area this year, and has room in their trailer for an extra bike and a modest track kit, I'd be happy to help defray some of your travel expenses.

    I have a family visit in Alabama planned for that week, and just realized that the track event would fit perfectly into my trip. Unfortunately, I already bought non-refundable plane tix.
  2. jhuff1219

    jhuff1219 Control Rider

    EJ - Depending on your location in the Baltimore/DC area I may be able to help. We are a little far out for specific travel arrangements so please keep searching for more definite options but I've gone the last 2 consecutive years to Barber and would like to go again this year. Have a toy hauler (holds 2 bikes) and trailers (hold 2-3 bikes) which means I may have space for another bike and gear. If you don't have anything definite by say mid to late October, message me on here and I'll have a much better grasp on my schedule by then. :D
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  3. EJ LeMaitre

    EJ LeMaitre New Member

    That's awesome! Thanks so much. I'll definitely keep looking, but I'll hit you up closer to Nov if I don't figure something out.

  4. Kruizen

    Kruizen Control Rider

    I'm headed down from woodbine MD(between Baltimore and Frederick), not sure who's coming with me at this point, but should have room.

    757-814-198 seven
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  5. EJ LeMaitre

    EJ LeMaitre New Member

    Nice! Thanks, Eric. I'll check back with you closer to Nov also.

  6. KatieDid

    KatieDid Yes, I did

    I'm also looking for anyone that has room in their trailer or toy hauler for me, my gsxr bike, stands and gear for the 2 day Barber event in Nov?

    I'm in the VA/DC area, I can meet you part way, I can take off work Thursday and Monday if needed to meet your travel plans.

    Naturally I can provide $ for travel expenses. Thank You for the consideration, send me a PM and I can provide you any details. Katie.
  7. Kruizen

    Kruizen Control Rider

    I'll be at ncbike this weekend if anyone wants to discuss barber plans

    Bike 930

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