Being safer at your next track day

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by adotjdot, Oct 2, 2018.

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    A lot of good stuff in there. I look forward to your post when the next 5 come out. I feel like we have two of the three parts down pretty well. We know what to do. We teach what to do. Enforcement seems like the tough part. I don't think that I've had a single track day where I haven't seen someone go out on track and cross the blend line AND take the last apex before cutting off to pit in; two of the most dangerous things one can do. Can we get the corner workers to black flag folks and bring them in?
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    Public shaming works good too!
  4. bmart

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    I can't tell you how many times I've nearly hit a rider at CMP at the last turn. There has to be 30' of track width there and yet folks seem to like taking the apex of the last turn with their hand up. unnecessary danger, for sure. Like any rule/law, if there is no repercussion...humans aren't likely to change their actions. hence my comment about getting the corner workers to use that black flag. Riders hate missing track time. :)
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    I agree with the corner workers using that black flag because there are only so many CR’s and they can’t be everywhere or see everything. I did this last Monday on main and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many crashes in my life and I think some could’ve been avoided if people were checked early when their screwups happen. Sometimes you have to make an example of someone to get a point across but we engage in an already dangerous sport so whatever could make it a little safer for everyone I think is a good thing
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    Excellent article - thanks for posting it AJ! This ought to be required reading.
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    In regardsto cornerworkers black flagging. I know at PIRC, there's a lot of calls made, particulary blend line calls. I can tell you that the staff there is top notch (not ripping on other tracks since I haven't been to them all). If someone repeatedly does something questionable, people are black flagged. Hell, I know people have been pulled aside and talked to individually.
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    I'm on a smaller bike and #2 is one of my biggest annoyances, which is people cutting back into the race line after passing on a straight. There have been countless times that someone on a 600 or bigger blows by me toward the end of a straight, then blend in front of me. I don't know why they assume they have bus lengths on me, but they don't, and they more often than not they roll off while I'm still full throttle. Usually I see it coming and brake a little earlier but there have been a couple times where I've really had to brake hard to avoid a collision. N2 actually makes a point to say to not do that in the riders meeting every morning, but of course people still do it.
  9. CBRtist

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    Thanks AJ!

    This ^^^^

    Oh they "blend" for you? That's a diplomatic way to phrase it :rofl:

    Last time for me, T1 Lightning (300), going into turn I spy color out the corner right of my helmet. Only... there wasn't a lot of real estate where he was so he went mowing. Hey... at least he didn't Superman over the hill there like they sometimes do and disappear :whistle: I get it, I'm slow on any bike, but there is plenty of time and areas to pass in 20 minutes =IMO. Maybe I'm just an overly conservative rider.

    There is going to be a huge influx of smaller bikes (and kids) streaming over (ask me how I know ;)). I'm interested to see how organizations overall plan to adapt to this over time. It is bound to change the dynamic whether one likes it or not.

    Maybe we could make them available at events from time to time as an optional read alongside track maps, at least in Novice class to start.
  10. bmart

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    One good rule of thumb is to leave a bike width for someone to safely get through on the outside at nearly all corner entries. I try to do this so that folks can if they want or need to. It could be a safe escape route for someone.
  11. Mike:p

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    And I bet the same people who are causing these problems wonder why they don’t get the bump.
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    Haha I guess this one was #3:
  13. Menotomy

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    I'd also like to mention you can see my Nissan Titan and the front of my trailer in the banner picture. I'm sure that's why that photo was chosen.
  14. rob92

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    Taking the inside, crushing that rear brake, what could go wrong?
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    Excellent article.
  16. adotjdot

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    Anyone see Mark Marquez break the pass and jump back in line rule and just about kill Zarco going into turn one at the Australian GP?

    That video should be required viewing...scary.

  18. Thunderace

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    I am not a Marquez fan, but he was in front of Zarco for the entire straight. I don't think he even knew Zarco was even close to him. One thing I have noticed about MotoGP is the way most of them swing wide on the front straightaways. Maybe it's to see their pit board easier, but I think it just a way to make it difficult to pass on the straight.
  19. bmart

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    As was taught to me when I started driving, it is the contrasts that are the most dangerous (intersections, driveways, stop signs/lights, on/off ramps, etc.).

    I frequently pipe up during rider meetings about the blend line at pit out (major speed contrast and trajectory contrast), pit in (major speed contrast and track location/line contrast...or there should be!), and following in another's tracks.

    While racers are very closely matched in equipment and skill in any given race, track days are filled with built in contrasts of bike and rider (gearing, power, skill, decision making, and so much more).

    I follow a lot of folks while coaching them, but make every effort to be 2-4 feet off their line on one side or the other. So many things can go wrong; it doesn't make a lot of sense to put ourselves in harm's way with no real benefit to anyone.

    Is it 2019 yet? :)
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    100% agree with this!
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