Best Tires for Trackdays That Do NOT Need Warmers

Discussion in 'Tire Information Center (archive)' started by Off Camber, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Off Camber

    Off Camber New Member

    Hello to all the veteran riders here. With the new season coming up I am looking for my next set of tires. Of course we want it all, traction, good handling qualities, durability and of course, relatively low cost. At my level (B), warmers and DOT's probably would not be justified, and I still street ride on the same tires. I am looking for the best compromise and was considering:

    Dunlop Q3
    Bridgestone S20
    Bridgestone BT003
    Michelin PP3s
    Michelin Power One 2CT (commercial)
    Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2
    Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa

    One other potential factor is the bike has traction control and ABS brakes (ZX6R). Does changing the tires adversely affect the traction control?

    If there is anything I left out, please feel free to add (or subtract) anything to the list. And before you state the obvious, that I probably couldn't tell the difference between these and some Shinko's, while you may be right, it's nice to know in the back of your mind that tires are quality, and won't let me down.

    Thanks for your consideration:adore:
  2. FZ1guy

    FZ1guy New Member

    I'm going with Michelin Supersports this year. Best track tire that doesn't need warmers.
    I'm sure you will get other opinions.
  3. avizpls

    avizpls #11-A

    I loved the hell out of my Bridgestone 003's. But I understand that they are no longer available.
  4. JVance

    JVance Member

    No tire has to have tire warmers. Some will warm up faster than others but they will all warm up in a couple laps. Warmers DO NOT make tires last longer. There was a good write up from Dunlop on this forum a couple years ago. Now, IMO the best tires are the ones you can consistently get at the track. I believe Chuck sells a lot of Dunlops and typically has them in stock at all events. If you are doing mainly NESBA days I'd buy them at the track. You won't beat the prices and you get them mounted for free. For performance and price at something less than expert race pace the Dunlop Q3 is going to be really hard to beat.
  5. JVance

    JVance Member

  6. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    I'm a Pirelli fan, so my vote is for the Rosso Corsas. I'd used the previous generation, the diablo corsa IIIs, and loved them. The Rosso Corsas are a significant improvement. If you're street riding, I'd avoid the Diablo Supercorsa SP V2. Although they come stock on some high end street bikes, the siping is identical to the race compound, i.e. once you're leaned over, you may as well be on slicks. The siping doesn't go as far to the edge as it does on the Rosso Corsas.

    The bottom line is you really can't go wrong with any of the current generation of hypersport street tires. They're all good.
  7. betarace

    betarace Member

    Q3 all the way.
  8. devildogae

    devildogae Member

    Q3 on my ZX6R 100% can't get better all round tire IMO
  9. GriffinD

    GriffinD Member

    Another vote for the Dunlop Q3!
  10. yokel84

    yokel84 New Member

    I'm always surprised I don't hear more people talk about these DRC's. I've tried a number of different brands of tires and though *disclaimer* I'm a track noob, I'm able to get on the gas way hard while leaned over on these. They seem right decent. I think the nomenclature may be confusing with the other Rossos and Diablos and whatnot... But I've liked 'em from the first time I spooned a set on.

    *Edit: the full name of the tires I'm talking about is Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
  11. Quickone4u

    Quickone4u Member

    I agree with both you and Judy. I ran the Diablo Corsa 111s when they were out and loved them. Then move to the current updated version the Diablo Rosso Corsa and agree they are even better. Great feel,traction and life. Highly recommend them for spirited street use as well as track use without question.
  12. akosi

    akosi New Member

    Dunlop Q3
  13. Unbroken13

    Unbroken13 Member

  14. bjwallen

    bjwallen New Member

    Dunlop Q3
  15. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Here's what I believe is the reason, on this forum, for the Dunlop bias: Nesba used to have an exclusive tire vendor, selling and supporting just that brand at trackdays. When I first joined in 2007, the sponsor was Pirelli, that's how I started using them. The most recent, and last, sole tire vendor was Dunlop. When they were the only ones sold at nesba days, most jumped on the Dunlop bandwagon for price and availability. I chose to stick with Pirelli. Tried Dunop Q2s on a street bike, didn't care for them as they feel different than Pirellis. Doesn't mean they're not great tires.

    As I'd said, they're all good. Pick a brand you like and stay with it to learn it, rather than switching brands all the time.
  16. 03bueller

    03bueller Control Rider

    Personally, I started on the Q2's and while I enjoyed riding on them I won't say I ever truly felt comfortable on them, made the switch to Rosso Corsa's last year and don't think I'll ever look back!

    Moral of the story, try some tires as your budget can afford, then pick the one you're most comfortable on and stick with it!
  17. jbaugh

    jbaugh New Member

    +1 for Pirellis. I ran the Q2's for the longest time because that's what everyone else ran; bought a bike with Pirellis and after riding with them last year, they'll be my tire of choice this year.

    However, as others have mentioned it really comes down to whatever you're most comfortable with...
  18. yokel84

    yokel84 New Member

    That makes sense, but it's not just here. The journalists seem to have been sleeping on the DRCs too, outside of the initially quite positive reviews:

    When they did a tire shootout, they put the Q2s up against the regular Rossos, if I recall.

    Anyways, I'm sure it's true that whatever tire you get used to is the one that'll work for you the best. Everyone raves about the Q3s. I could get used to the quicker turning, but I'm afraid of the slippery-when-cold nature of Dunlops I've ridden. The Pirellis warm up in like two corners.

    Also, I got five trackdays out of a set and they seem like they could do four more. That's probably just because I'm slow. I'd be interested in hearing what happens when you start going fast on them HondaGal
  19. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Yeah, folks seem to really like the Dunlops. They have a stiffer carcass than the softer Pirellis, that's probably why they feel slippery to me.

    I'm not that fast, so I can't answer the longevity question. ;) Plus, I'm currently using the Supercorsa DOT race, SP2 compound rear, SP1 front. I'll get 6-8 days from the front, and 4 days or so from the rear if I flip them (due to most tracks I ride being heavily biased with right turns). So I don't know how many days I'd get with the Rosso Corsas.
  20. Randal03r1

    Randal03r1 Control Rider

    Great advice Judy! I've been on Michelin since 2006, love the wear of the slick and couldn't be any happier.

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