Can you tell me about the ATP?

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by Jgelack, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Jgelack

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    Hi, I was just wondering if someone could tell me about N2's Advanced training program? Is this program appropriate for a brand new track rider, that's never even been on a track before? Or should they have a least a couple track days under their belt before attending it? I would love to get my first track day in this fall, before the winter really sets in! But in all honesty, being a total newb, I guess I'm a little intimidated by the whole track experience, not really knowing what to expect, I thought the ATP might be a great first step, that is unless it's directed more towards riders with some experience. Id really appreciate any information you guys could give me! Thanks again, John
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  2. tdelegram

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    AJ should be along shortly to address your questions, just remember we all started where you did and this is a great group that is willing to help. Welcome aboard hope to see you this fall.
  3. adotjdot

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    Welcome John!

    Sorry about the late reply. You may have already found this but if not, take a look here for some details on the program:

    With regards to your question about being new to the track, we have supported riders of all levels. Some new to the track, some that have only been on a bike for a few days! We will do everything we can to work with you. The good thing is, the level of attention you will get from ATP will help get you started on the right foot as soon as possible.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.


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  4. Jgelack

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    Thanks for the replies guys! Looks like the last track day the offers the ATP in my area is on 9/14 and I have to work. At least I know the program is available and I can check it out EARLY next season! There are a few more track days in my area towards the end of Sept and into Oct that I may be able to attend, work permitting, and that is if the suit I ordered ever arrives! So I'm hoping there is some instruction I can pick up at those! Thanks again for your help, and sorry for the late response!
  5. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    If you make it to an event without ATP grab the director or a coach in the morning and let them know you’re new to the track and we can help you through the day.
  6. Jgelack

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    Thank you! I will definitely do that.

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