CMP in Kershaw, SC 8/31-9/1


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This is coming up fast! CMP has a great layout (Sweeping turns 12 and 13) and the option of renting a garage w/power. I believe that they allow four bikes per garage space. Who's in?



slow and wide
in for Saturday

Would like to work with a CR if possible. hoping to work with Kurt some if he's available, but more eyes, the better. Not looking for a bump, just looking to fix some things.


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I need some CR time myself Bo. I'm having trouble due to broken up wrist getting the gas all the way on without regripping or rolling it onto my fingers. I just may need a better hand starting position, I do think my hands are rather flat at closed throttle but it is were I feel most comfortable... I'll be rolling in Friday evening if anybody is around and is available to talk.


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My plans is street bike a.m. track bike p.m. Saturday. Other street & track Sunday. My tire change avoidance strategy. ..