Congrats to PJ Zocc, WERA novice HWT champion, and new WERA expert!!!

Thats right, our friend PJ Zoccolillo has won a novice HWT championship, and is now promoted to WERA expert!!! He was so incredibly good in the one weekend that he was able to race, as a provisional novice, that nobody could top him for the entire rest of the season, giving him the championship, expert status, and "A" group status here with NESBA by default. :adore:

After the unfortunate get-off that PJ had at Beaverun back in may, and the resulting helocopter ride to the hospital that he recieved, its great to see some good motorcycle fortune and karma head his way!

Congratulations PJ!!! Couldn't happen to a balder.... oops, I mean better guy!!:D :congrats:


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I almost fell out of my chair!! Congrats PJ. I am humbled by your dedication and skill. Earning white plates is no small feat!

Now get the bike fixed, get out here, and let's boogie!!


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I guess we won't be riding again after all. Every time you quite you come back a champion. Every time you quite I say " well I guess we won't ride again". Now you are an "A" rider and that about does it for me. Well I hope we can hang in the paddock at least. Anyway, congratulations bro. Sincerly!