Electrolyte, Hydration tablets?


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Has anyone tried using electrolyte/hydration tablets for trackdays to help with giving you that edge to keep hydrated along with drinking alot of water?

I drink water 2 days before a trackday and ALOT during. But I still get pretty de-hydrated 1-2 sessions after lunchtime.

Does anyone have real personal experience and feedback with using these tablets to aid you?
What brand worked for you?


I’m no Doctor but you might be washing all the salt out of your body and messing up your natural electrolytes—
Maybe experiment with hydration day before and day of..
Those mixes are great but they put in what you washed out in 2 days

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I have had decent luck with Mio Sport. It is a liquid that you add a squirt into your water. Should be available at your grocery store.

You also may need to eat a bit more salty food than normal.


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I tried Liquid I.V. (cheapest from Amazon) last season and noticed not difference except that in any volume near the recommended it bothered my stomach. Sticking with water and regular food. :)


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A couple of gulps of smart water or sports drink, some gas and out for next session. During race weekends I try to stay in AC between races and drink smart water, sports drinks and usually a 100 calorie coke right before the race to get the sugar and caffeine rush hit on the grid. Track days are just working on my endurance and helping others, maybe a couple of focused A sessions in the AM then more playing as I know I am not 100%.


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In addition to the Nuun tablets Wendy mentioned, my favorite are the Fizz tablets by Hammer Nutrition. I put one in every other bottle of water I drink during the trackday.


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This guy has some great videos. This one about hydration seems useful to track day participants. My track days always seem to be 100F and humid. :)



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I use Ryno Power Hydration Fuel, and occasionally Carbo Fuel which is just pure carbohydrates. Hydration Fuel is electrolytes plus carbohydrates (derived from rice, same as Carbo Fuel) which I like because it makes a good between session snack without having to eat anything solid if I don't feel like it. You mix both of them with water, but I like getting fluids along with electrolytes so I use that over tablets/capsules.

They also have other supplements, including electrolyte capsules, but those probably don't offer much advantage over whatever electrolyte powder you've already tried.

Make sure you're also getting plenty of other nutrition (especially protein). I prefer not to eat a lot during the day, but I'll have something like a banana and a healthy snack bar in the morning, and then have a large dinner. Of course, also drink plain water along with all this.


Good thread. As a fencer for nearly 40 years and coach, as long as people follow anything in this thread i think they'll be fine. Key addition i humbly suggest is to test the hydration product and anything else they're using a weekend before at least. That way you can see if upsets your stomach, etc.. Finally, if you're not feeling 100%, sit out a session. Fencing at 90% means you're likely to lose the bout, riding at 90% is likely worse.

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We use liquid IV at half the recommended strength and alkaline water. It's obviously subjective, but I feel a hell of a lot better doing this mid summer than days when I just drank a bunch of regular water.