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  1. Tripple7

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    Hello everyone, new to N2 and track riding in general. I've been abusing my ninja 250 on the streets for years and decided it was time for a change. I'll be at PIT Sunday (8/18/19) and hope to learn a lot and meet some cool people. See you there!
  2. bmart

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    Welcome! You're going to love track time...

    That 250 is a lot of fun. I've had three VTR250s over the years and flogged them thoroughly, especially the 1990 (pic attached).

    Come and say Ello if you get to any southern tracks (VIR, Road Atlanta, NC Bike, CMP).

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  3. Tripple7

    Tripple7 New Member

    That's a nice bike! If I get to travel that far I will definitely stop and say ello
  4. HondaGalToo

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    Welcome! I see from another post you had a great day! See you next time!
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