First N2 Ride at NC Bike

Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by wanderlust, May 21, 2015.

  1. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of the CR’s and the staff at NC bike. It was my first time riding with N2 and I am pretty stoked to ride with you guys again. A big thank you to Jim, Emerson, Trey, Lenny, and Robert for not taking any of my excuses about poor body and foot position and making me slow down and focus on being smooth and consistent. Hopefully I will get to ride with everyone again in Pittsburgh and at Dominion(hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of August). Thanks Again
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  2. willhf1011

    willhf1011 New Member

    Is this Matt? If so nice meeting you and congrats on the bump! Look forward to seeing you again
  3. wanderlust

    wanderlust New Member

    It is! Thanks, It was good meeting you too. Thanks for all of the advice and help with lines. I'll be in Pittsburgh on 7/19 and hopefully dominion will be ready by the 8/23 date...if you feel like making the trek, I'll see you there.
  4. Lenny ZX9R

    Lenny ZX9R Control Rider

    Hey Matt! I'm happy that we could make your day a great experience! We want you to learn the correct way to get fast on that bike! I (WE) look forward to working with you at some more track days and get you to YOUR next evolution in your riding! See you out there Matt!

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