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Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by toaliosis, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    2007 Honda CBR 600RR with ~1540 miles

    I purchased this bike on 5-10-2010 with 54 miles with a bill of sale (no title). I used as my track bike for 3 years, at most 10 track days. It has track plastics and is ready to return to the track. Bike is located North of Pittsburgh (15237), 30 minutes from Pittsburgh International Race Complex. I’m selling the bike to generate funds for my track car.

    It has the following items on it:

    Track plastics – spray can paint job

    LCR Mirror Plates

    Woodcraft Stator Cover

    Woodcraft Clutch protector

    Goodridge brake lines

    ASV levers (shorty clutch)

    ELKA 2 way adjustable rear shock, sprung for 250# rider (could be returned to stock)

    Vortex Rear Sets

    Vesrah RJL Brake Pads

    Rims with 90° valve stems

    Used Q2’s

    Asking Price $4,000

    I also have the following items available that can be discussed, but are not included in the $4,000 price:

    Extra set of rims with rotors

    Brembo 19RCS MC with Lady Bird Mount and Reservoir

    Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

    Q2 tires

    20170813_155813.jpg 20170813_155827.jpg 20170813_160012.jpg 20170813_160325.jpg
  2. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    That looks lovely. I wish that I had room for one more! GLWS.
  3. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Chicken Hawk tire warmers are sold
  4. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Dropping price to $3,750 and I'm open to reasonable offers
  5. StreetRider

    StreetRider New Member

    is this bike still available
  6. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Yes, the bike is still available.

  7. JakeSizzle

    JakeSizzle New Member

    GP or STD shift?
  8. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    It's setup for standard, but can be switched to GP. I tried it for a track day and didn't get used to it, so I switched it back.

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  9. JakeSizzle

    JakeSizzle New Member

    Does it come with what appears to be a GPS transponder on the tail section? (sorry for the single message questions, i'm asking as they come to mind).
  10. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Yes it does come with that item, but is not a GPS transponder. It's a IR receiver for a XT Racing Ultra-Lap Timer.

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  11. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Bump to the top and price reduction, $3,500
  12. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    This is a fantastic deal for what looks like a spectacular bike. I can't believe that it's still on the market.
  13. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Thanks. Hoping to change its owner soon.

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  14. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Sunday night bumb and price adjustment, $3,250 OBO

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  15. MrFrzz

    MrFrzz slow and wide

    If you decide to part this out, I'd be interested in bodywork and Brembo RCS19 MC
  16. Hollywood33

    Hollywood33 New Member

    Please contact me at 440-478-8467 as soon as you can. My name is Matt. I will be at PIRC this weekend and I'd like to talk to you before then. Thanks!
  17. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    PM sent about the Brembo

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  18. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Sunday night bump and price drop, $3,000 OBO

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  19. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

  20. toaliosis

    toaliosis New Member

    Thursday price drop, $2,750

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