Fs: 2010 bmw s1000rr: $11,800


For Sale: 2010 BMW S1000RR: $11,800

Yes, you read that right! I’m selling this awesome bike for $11,800 which is well below NADA and KBB retail values and includes the $1,480 optional Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS as well as the optional $450 Gear Shift Assistant (AKA quick shifter for clutchless shifting). It has 18,913 miles on it. I bought it from a well known riding school based in CA. In fact, I bought two of them with keeping one for myself and selling the second one to make a small profit on my two bike discount and personal connection with the fleet manager/mechanic since I also volunteer for the school as well.

Both bikes I bought came with brand new 2011 model yellow bodywork and tanks. There’s not a scratch anywhere on the bodywork, tank, exhaust, frame or engine case. Why are 2011 bodywork/tanks on the bikes? Because the fleet manager didn’t like the yellow color and also needed to keep the 2010 plastics/tanks to maintain uniform color of the school bikes. He did remember to swap the gas cap from the 2010 tanks to the 2011 tanks so the keys matched the ignition.

OK, so now you’re thinking it’s a high mileage, ragged out, trashed track bike, but quite to the contrary. As mentioned it’s a rider’s school bike and not a trackday organization. There’s a lot of difference between a school and a trackday. This particular school does various slower speed drills for about 60% of the day. Meaning the bikes never get above 4th gear until the last 3 sessions of the day. Even when the students are allowed “full gears, full brakes” rarely have I ever seen a student riding at a pace that matches an “Advanced” rider. On a typical day, when the students are allowed ride with full gear/full brakes, most students ride at a “beginners group” pace with perhaps 2 or 3 at an “intermediate group” pace. The fleet mechanic also maintains the bikes properly with scheduled fluid changes, adjustments, renewal/replacement of worn out parts (i.e. brake pads, drive chains) to ensure optimal mechanical conditions. After all, with BMW being a sponsor, their goal is to entice students to purchase a S1000RR based on how awesome the bike is. That would be hard to do if the bikes were in poor mechanical condition and not running correctly.

What does all this mean? Even with the high mileage, the bike is in excellent condition. If you did the math with 40% of the 18,913 miles at “full gear/full brakes,” that would equate to about 7500 miles the students used the bike fully.

Lastly, the bike also comes with brand new Dunlop Q2 tires mounted. I'm heading to Barber for the season ending outing with NESBA on 11/12 and 11/13 and can deliver anywhere within reason along the way too.. I do have clear, clean title in hand too! Now, on with the pictures: