Fs: 2011 blue r1 -1000 miles $6000- port matilda pa

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by 312R1, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    I hate to do it but things happen, I need to sell my 2011 R1. It has 1,000 miles on it. I was in the process of switching it to track only. It needs rear sets, front brake lever and plastic. Looking to get $6,000 OBO. The bike will come with bill of sell. It has never been down!

    Any question feel free to call or text 814-380-8608

  2. miker1

    miker1 New Member

    2011, 1000 miles and no title? How'd that happen?
  3. Jeremyw5

    Jeremyw5 New Member


    I may be interested but id like to know the answer to that question
  4. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    The title is clean just held by yamaha card..The buyer will get it once I get it.

  5. miker1

    miker1 New Member

    How much is owed on the card? And where'd the oem fairings go if never been down??
  6. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    A little over $7,000. I sold the fairings.
  7. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    Bump to the top.
  8. z064life

    z064life New Member

    You can't sell the bike without paying the card. Bill of sale or not yamaha owns it
  9. z064life

    z064life New Member

    Will you PM me the vin number please
  10. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    I will pay off the card, once it's sold then when I get the title it will be given to the new owner.

    Pm sent.

  11. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

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  12. hooligan998

    hooligan998 New Member

    Then title is not clear. Clear title means no lienholders, and yours has a lienholder on it.
  13. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    I know the difference between the two. I meant to say clean. It has been corrected now.
  14. betarace

    betarace Member

    It's not clean or clear if someone holds a lien on the title.

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    TLRSKUNK Member

    Clean: not salvage/junk title by state.
    Clear: empty of lienholders.

    in his case I would say it is a clean titled bike, title is just not clear.
  16. junglelogic

    junglelogic New Member

    Is there a way for me to pay off the lien for the bike? I can't really give you $6,000 (obo) unless I know for a fact I can get the title.

    What if you're a crackhead, you take the money to buy rock, and won't pay Yamaha? Them I'm out money, and don't have a bike.

    I think I would get the money if there was a way to work out the title detail.
  17. betarace

    betarace Member

    ^ indeed, true dat
  18. JBZ1k

    JBZ1k Member

    Here is how you can do it...I think...He pay pals the difference in what he owes to the card-to the buyer. Buyer then calls and pays off the card. Get the bike, BOS, and wait on the title.

    So if he owes $7,000 and you want the bike for $6,000 he would pay the buyer $1,000 and then the buyer takes care of the balance.

    I think this would work.

    Paypal the money and the seller eats the fees on the grand.
  19. snikwad

    snikwad New Member

    Fs: 2011 blue r1 -1000 miles $6000- port matilda pa

    Take the money and buy a rock. Lol.
    ShaZzam bitches. Check out my 8 ball.

    Hahahahah. I'm Fukin dying here. Lol
  20. 312R1

    312R1 New Member

    If your serious about the bike call me. I have the cash to pay it off. I just can't pay it off and then wait for a buyer because I'm just starting to finish my basement and can't have my cash tied up.


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