FS. Dainese D-Air Misano One-Piece Suit. Size-54 Euro

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    Selling my Dainese D-Air One-Piece as I am hanging up my track riding boots. Suit is in excellent condition. The suit is size 54, I am 5'10" tall, 185 pounds.
    Dainese performed an air-bag and suit reconditioning after a rider took me out from behind at Summit Point, WV on a slow corner. Dainese did a fantastic repair job and even overnighted the suit so I could go to VIR a few weeks later. Cannot speak highly enough of Dainese, the ease of communication, the quality of the repair work and willingness to work with a customer in getting the suit returned as quick as possible.
    Included are an Alpinestars summer undersuit and a Dainese thermal undersuit. This suit is a league ahead of my previous suit, a one-piece Spidi Kangaroo suit. As soon as you put it on, the difference in protection is clear. The best bit of motorcycle clothing I have ever worn on a bike.
    If I get back to the track, I'll buy another one.
    Asking $1,125.00

    Listed on ebay

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