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    Asking $1,200 + Shipping for all + cost of pitbull TRS pins if needed.

    High Res Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gyqxki6l5...OrsMC6roa?dl=0

    GP Rear Stand Lifters 2015 R1 - $75 New
    R1 Rear Wheel Guide.Holder - $100 New
    R1 Under Mount Caliper Bracket - $300 New (Upgrade from Rear Change Kit Below)
    Rear Quick Change with Lightech Adjusters - $1,300 New

    I have pitbull TRS pins that are modified by fast frank to fit this kit as well, I can throw in for $100 - They cost 45 to modify.

    Full disclosure - the axle nut has some small scratches on it from lowside damage. I replaced the cup with a red one. It is in pictures.


    From Website:
    2015 Up R1 Rear wheel quick change kit with Lightech chain adjusters,

    Features a CNC machined axle with Left Hand threads for quick removal/installion, replaceable pull cup that comes in 5 colors, Red, Blue, Green, Silver or Black.

    Included in this kit are, CNC machined axle, axle pull cup, Lightech chain adjusters, Captive rear brake caliper bracket and chain holder tab.

    For best results You will also want to get a set of captive spacers for each rear wheel you have.

    We also have an under mount caliper bracket that uses the stock caliper for even easier and faster wheel changes.

    If you are using a Pitbul trailer restraint system it will work with this quick change axle however you will need to purchase new pins, Pit-Bull Now Has Pins to Fit Our Axles.

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