FS: New RS Taichi Mawus Inner suit, (2) New RS Taichi Back Protectors

Discussion in 'Parts and Accessories' started by Greg ZX6R, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

    Selling a new RS Taichi Mawus Inner suit - $45 plus shipping
    (2) New RS Taichi NXV306 Back Protectors - $85 each plus shipping

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  2. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

    Bump. Picture says Dainese back protector, but it's actually Taichi.
  3. erick1670

    erick1670 Member

    What's the size of inner suit?
  4. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

    Hi Erick, thanks for inquiring. The inner suit is size XL, so probably a medium/large in regular American size; Taichi runs pretty small. I wear a regular large glove normally but a 2xl in the Taichi gloves. Flat rate shipping is $14.50, but I can do $55 shipped to your zip. Just let me know.

  5. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

  6. Greg ZX6R

    Greg ZX6R Member

    One back protector sold. Still one left.
  7. Jbasford

    Jbasford New Member

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