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  1. NJKneeSlider

    NJKneeSlider New Member

    I'm looking to put bearing buddies on the harbor frieght foldable trailer (the larger one with 12" wheels). Does anyone know how the size bearing buddy that I need (or the inner and outer dimensions of the wheel bearing)
  2. phd12volt

    phd12volt New Member

    i have the same trailer, and i have the owners manual at home. If you dont find out by tonight, ill post the size when i get home from work. (at midnight :( )
  3. Olde English

    Olde English Member

    After a brief search through the instruction manual, I couldn't find the size of the bearing. I know it's Part # 20 and you can probably call 1-800-444-3353 and get the exact size. That's the number to call for technical questions.
    Here is the PDF of the manual for trailer 90154:

    Good luck and post up the bearing buddy info up once you get it please.
  4. Thunderace

    Thunderace BIG JIM Control Rider

    I bought a set of caps with a grease fitting attached to it. It wasn't the Bearing Buddies brand. The guy at the store said the only difference is the Bearing Buddies have a release hole to expel unneeded grease. These do not, but they were only $5. At the time he did not ask what size trailer I had. I thought that all caps were a standard size. I could be wrong though, it's been known to happen on very rare occasions.
  5. NJKneeSlider

    NJKneeSlider New Member

    Do you happen to know the brand that you bought and where at? Maybe I could just go that route and get the generics, otherwise I'll try and call that number tonight and see what kind of info I can get.
  6. pefrey

    pefrey Member

    My experience was that the bearings and the caps were a very odd size and impossible to find. I bought new caps from HF. The wheel bearings I think I bought from All Balls because I could not find them anywhere.
  7. NJKneeSlider

    NJKneeSlider New Member

    If the replacement dust cap for the 990lb foldable trailer is the same as the larger one, the website gives these dimensions for the cap

    1.971" ID, 2.305" OD
  8. NJKneeSlider

    NJKneeSlider New Member

    Also how often do these thing need to be repacked (if i don't use bearing buddies)
  9. Thunderace

    Thunderace BIG JIM Control Rider

    I bought mine from the place where I bought the trailer. I was having weird tire wear and took it back to them to diagnose. My neighbor works for Goodyear and he never saw anything like it. Come to find out, the castle nut on the axle was a little loose and needed to be tightened. While I was in there I decided to change the bearings and add the caps. If I were you, I'd just pop off one of the caps and take it with you to a trailer shop or auto parts store and match up the size. You might try the marine stores as well. They probably sell the ones I have.

    IMHO the Bearing Buddy's are more geared toward the boat trailer market. Especially, since those trailers are being submersed on a regular basis.

    I grease up my bearings about twice a year. I just give it a squeeze or two of grease in each cap. Worked pretty well for the last two years.
  10. NJKneeSlider

    NJKneeSlider New Member

    Thanks for the info, maybe I'll just keep the stock setup and see how it all works out, repacking the bearings at the beginning and mid season, with a shot or two of grease after long trips. Great, thanks again everyone.
  11. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    just had some bearing issues on a used trailer I bought and when I spoke to the local trailer place, they said not to use bearing buddies unless you are towing a boat.
    Two reasons they stated:
    1) you shouldn't need to add any grease to the bearings as long as you change them 1x/year
    2) many brands dont have the release hole that Jim mentions above.
    They said the bearing buddy with the release is to expel water for backing a boat into the water which is why you'd have to put more grease in and push water out. If you're adding more grease and the excess has nowhere to go, you'll do damage to the bearings and potentially the hub (which occasionally leads to axel issues). A loose king nut on the axel wiill also kill your bearings, tires, and hubs which is what happened to the former trailer.
    It's all new to me, but this was from the guys at Franklin Trailer in W.Berlin, NJ.
    My new trailer came with standard dust caps not BBs.

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