Hey everyone!

Julian Haire

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I have been mostly riding with N2 this year. I just took the race license school this past weekend at NCBike and wanted to stop in and say hello since im meeting more and more people at each event I attend. My name is Julian Haire and im the owner of Carolina Powersports. You will see the motovan and trailer at each event with the big red letters on the side that read "Carolina Powersports Racing" since I also plan on racing some this year and all of next year. I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 300 and will riding the small bike for several years to soak up as much knowledge and learn all that I can. Id really like to get some more one on one coaching since my BP needs some work but other than that I have an absolute blast at every event I attend. I will be at Roebling with N2 August 8th and 9th. If you see the van, feel free to come by and say hey! Im always down to meet new people and fellow track riders. Thanks everyone. Thank you N2 for everything you guys do! It's greatly appreciated.


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Ask a CR for him to follow you for a few laps and give you some pointers. We love it when you guys ask for help, it's the main reason we coach.


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I saw your van at NC bike! I’m a noob but really enjoy the N2 environment! Seems the coaches aren’t as aggressive as the coaches I encountered at my first track day at NJMP or maybe I was riding a little better and didn’t need that much coaching!
Anyway, like others have said, ask and you shall receive!
Welcome aboard.