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  1. rob92

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    From our Race Instructors: Huey, Scott, Les and Ricky

    The N2 Race School introduces seasoned track day riders to the club racing experience, creating a more prepared, confident, and safer racer. We will focus on the intricacies of preparing for the race weekend, what to expect in the pits, what to expect on the track, discussions about scenarios the racer may face, and many other lessons that most racers are forced to gain from experience alone.

    The format of the school is a "Weekend in the Life of a Racer" scenario: Following a new racer preparing to head to the track, through the weekend and back home presents the required material, racing skills, and helpful hints in a way each student can easily understand.

    Catering to those with on-track experience, we don't concentrate heavily on riding skills but do highlight differences between racing and riding at a track day and also teach skills that aren't used at track days such as "starts".

    Attending the school, you will continue to ride sessions in the Intermediate group where you will be given objectives to focus on each session while riding at a pace that allows you to concentrate on learning. At the end of the course, there will be a 5 lap mock race with all the calls, grids, flags and procedures of a real race!

    Note: If you are in the Novice group, please contact N2 Support about eligibility.

    • Four classroom sessions totaling 2.5 hours of instruction
    • Three on-track sessions in the Intermediate group (morning)
    • A mock race! (held immediately after lunch)
    • Graduation
    • Continue riding your afternoon sessions in your normal riding group.
    Drinks and snacks will be provided in the classroom.

    First classroom session starts at 8:00AM. Please have your bike teched prior to class and come in your leathers. You will not be required to attend the N2 riders meeting (we will have our own briefing prior to sending you out on the track).
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  2. whitarnold

    whitarnold Member

    Awesome, tell me where to sign up and the first dates offered in the S.E.
  3. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    The race program is integrated right into the track day. Our first event is at Road Atlanta 3/26-27 and all you need to do is sign-up for the regular day, then add the $100 racer school. The racer school is limited and the season openers tend to fill up quickly. There are a few spots left for I and A rider groups.
  4. madmanr1

    madmanr1 New Member

    Here's a rather "noob"ish question, because I know the expense is coming as soon as actual racing begins but...I haven't dropped the coin on race plastics yet. Still rocking stock Tupperware. Are they a necessity for the race school or is a normally tech 'd bike for an intermediate track day fine?
  5. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Intermediate / track day rules apply, no need for race plastics!
  6. asabS1krr

    asabS1krr Loving Life Control Rider Director

    I have a season pass and I'm signed up for the day in A group how do I enroll for the school and does it cost anything additional?
  7. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    It's $100 for the school + you'll pay the WERA race license fee.
  8. mpusch

    mpusch Micah

    Any update on this for the schedule? I've looked around, not sure if I'm just missing it?
  9. mikeguy

    mikeguy New Member

    So does this 5 lap mock race happen during the intermediate group time or advanced? Could just cut down the other sessions to 15 mins I suppose. Just curious, thanks.
  10. mpusch

    mpusch Micah

    Mock race happens during lunch. Only other "racers" are out there at that time.

    Having gone through the program during the Pittrace/Endurance weekend last year, N2 did a fantastic job preparing me for WERA. Both organizations made it very easy for a new guy to racing.
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  11. SH998

    SH998 New Member

    So, I have no clue how this works but i want to get on the track. I have an R6 and never does anything like this. How do i start? How i get a license etc... Can someone shed some light??
  12. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    Have you ever ridden on the track before? Are you looking to jump right into racing, or do you want to do trackdays first? If you've never ridden on the track before, it's probably a good idea to start with trackdays, get some time under your belt, and then race. If you want to do trackdays, you don't need a race license. Check the Riders' Manual for information on how to get into trackdays:
    The manual will give you the information you need to get into trackdays with N2. If you've never been on the track before, you'll start in our Novice group. You'll get classroom instruction and be assigned a Control Rider (coach) to show you the lines and other important riding skills.

    If you want to skip trackdays and jump right into racing, I'm not the person to help with that, lol.
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  13. SH998

    SH998 New Member

    Hello, thanks for your help. Do you know what is the process to get a license after the trackdays?
  14. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    You have to sign up for the track day as well as the licensing program which is offered at select track days. This will give the permit you need to go to WERA or CCS to get a license and be a provisional novice.

    RACE For track day riders looking to receive their race license, the racer school is an authorized CCS/WERA racer licensing school that is integrated into the track day. Students in the racer school will also participate in the mock-race after lunch!

    Road Atlanta on 5/15
    Summit Main on 5/22

    There is one or 2 more late in the season also.
  15. SH998

    SH998 New Member

    Thank you so much. As i said I never done this before, so do you think is ideal for someone to do this. I've driving bikes since 14 but only had the street bike for 1 year, i think I'm controlling it well but not sure if i can manage high speed turns. You think it's okay for someone like me to sign up for this?? I also don't have the necessary equipment or help to do this so it will cost me some money to get started, not sure how much help i can get from the community.
  16. mpusch

    mpusch Micah

    If I were in your shoes, I'd definitely start with at least a track day or two to see how you like the experience before jumping straight into racing. People have done it a number of different ways in the past, but I feel like getting your feet wet with a track day is a good place to start. N2 is really good at helping people who are brand new to the track get comfortable out there.

    I'm not going to lie, the racetrack (track days or racing) can be an expensive hobby. Easy for people to get caught up in CC debt and overspending to be out there. The community is fantastic and very willing to help, but you're still going to have a good amount of expenses.
  17. SH998

    SH998 New Member

    It makes sense. Thanks for the advice everyone. If anyone lives in Richmond and wants to get in touch please hit me up.
  18. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    Very sage advice from Micah, this is not a sport you enter to save money. I started track riding in the early 90's for 2 years and then my stuff was stolen and went to 4 wheels (SCCA Solo I and II). I grew up riding and racing dirt bikes (AMA A/B level) and about 15 years ago went back to riding/racing in the dirt. In 2013 I started track riding again and am a fairly proficient A rider, and am taking the race school at main in 2 weeks. I feel like I want a certain level of skill and control before I start competing and have a good sense of what the bike will be doing when I start to ask for more. I also don't want to be last. Finally, I am very financially sound and can afford this hobby as well as very insured should I get hurt.

    In my opinion, do some track days and see if you like it, you can go at your own pace and get top notch instruction from the CR's who are all great riders and a large majority have some racing history or background.
  19. fowlplayracing

    fowlplayracing Steve Control Rider

    I agree 100%!
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  20. borislav

    borislav Control Rider

    First things first!
    Since you don't have most important track equipment except the bike, find out what are bear necessities to start the jurney and figure out can you afford this. Plenty info is available in riders manual and also on the board.
    I incorporated Tom's post because of specific paragraph that many people are not willing to talk about but it happens often, falling of the motorcycle! Please make sure if you decide to do this in any form (track days, racing, street riding too)
    to have ALL and some protective gear AND enough insurance (medical, accident, disability...) to get you and your family trough if fall ends up with injuries!!!
    We are bigg kids and we want to have fun but we also have responsibilities to our families first than the others...
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