Intermediates need a wave-by before passing a CR... ???

Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by djhurayt, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. djhurayt

    djhurayt New Member

    The reminder e-mail that just came out states that both Novice and Intermediates need a wave-by in order to pass a CR.

    When did that happen for Intermediates?
  2. Kruizen

    Kruizen Control Rider

    Those were the old rules, for intermediate, this year we allowed passing of the CR’a on the left without a wave by.

    I told them about the confirmation email needing changed and I believe they are working on it currently.
  3. djhurayt

    djhurayt New Member

    OK, that is what I thought, thanks Eric
  4. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    That rule was temporarily change for a trial run at allowing to pass coaches without a wave by earlier in the year. That trial went into full effect now and it will take time to get the verbiage changed everywhere.

    2019 Intermediate passing Rules:

    1. Pass CR's on the Left hand side only but does not require a Wave-By.
    2. Passing anywhere on track the bikes are Parallel To or Moving Away From one another.

    Detailed explanation is provided at the riders meeting and additional explanation available on request.

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