1. Alex Spellman

    Alex Spellman N2 Vendor

    Tracksidetires is now stocking the new Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa TD, a DOT track day tire at home on the track and the street. Available in all proper sport bike sizes; 110/70, 120/70, 140/70, 160/60, 180/60 and 200/55.

    140/70 set; $299.00
    180/60 set; $334.00
    200/55 set; $364.00


    We will be launching these trackside at New Jersey Motorsports Park April 29th and Summit Point April 29th.

    Each set sold comes with a Pirelli t-shirt.

    Visit tracksidetires.com or send us a message for more details. See you at the track!
  2. sideburn34

    sideburn34 Member

    tire pressure recommendation?
  3. Are you going to be at pitt raceway next weekend july 6th? I think i need a new rear or at least i will after that event
  4. Alex Spellman

    Alex Spellman N2 Vendor

    Yes, we will be there.
  5. How much does a rear supercorsa run. I have a 2016 s1000rr. From what i can find researching, the V2 seems to be the best option although i see a V3 comes in the 200/60. What are your thoughts and how do they compare?

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