Looking for a decent track day tire...

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  1. Dr.Duct_Mossburg

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    Been out of the game for two years and im currently putting together my 2011 zx10. I ran the power ones for awhile and then fell in love with the 211. I run a lot on Summit main and I found the ntec 211 to hold a little more firm out of 10 than the michelins did on my gsxr 1000.

    whats new in the seen? I was doing 19's at main so im not in need of anything crazy like a slick but I would like to get with a rubber thats capable of low 20's, high teens.

  2. TProc

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  3. Dr.Duct_Mossburg

    Dr.Duct_Mossburg New Member

    Proc, That picture is too small.. It looks like the 211? Can you post up the place that you're linking it to?
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    Looks like he was looking at this...

  6. Slitherin

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    Contact Collin at www.shagmoto.com

    He can give you the latest news on anything tire related. He is the NESBA tire vendor and is at most events to deliver and mount them trackside.
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