MK's All Women's Moto Extravaganza!

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    Wanted to throw this out there for the Ruts To Racelines crew. See the details below...

    Calling ALL LADIES!! (and their other halves) These 2 days are for YOU!

    °Friday August 30th is the GPMX Dirty Girls-all Women's dirt bike riding class.

    °Saturday August 31th is the all Women's track day. Running the track counter clockwise!

    °Sunday September 1 *JUST ADDED*: CoEd Dirt Bike Riding Class

    This event is not affiliated with any particular club. Coaches from N2, Evolve, STT and TPM have all volunteered their time to come help the ladies have a great and informative day, in a fun and less intimidating atmosphere! We have all come together to keep my vision alive and help grow the women in motorsports community!
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