N2 / WERA 4 and 2 Hour Race Results - June 16th, 2018 @ Pittsburgh International Race Complex

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    N2 Track Days and WERA Motorcycle Roadracing would like to congratulate all of Saturday’s winners and participants in Round-1 of the Superbike Challenge / Endurance series at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Forty-three teams showed up for this season’s first event and there was certainly no shortage of excitement, right down to the final laps of the race.

    Army of Darkness riders Chris Peris and Ben Walters claim the Heavyweight win for this event with DLNQNT Racing’s John Palmer, Ryan Manotti and Ash Woskob nipping at their heels for a very close second place finish.

    The Middleweight class win goes to 3 Marines Racing with riders John Hvizdak, Eric Telger, Tim Wilson and William Posse. This was a very emotional win as we all remember and pay tribute to Randy Chabot. Theirs was a very tight race against Bobblehead Moto / N2 Racing’s Emerson Amaya, Eziah Davis, John Kremenik.

    In the Lightweight class, the win goes to Chiefs Racing Team’s Brian Mullins, David Stauffer, Gregory Reisinger and Kevin Boda.

    And finally, our Ultralightweight win goes to solo rider, Draik Beauchamp.

    We’d like to extend our thanks to the N2 staff, WERA officials/staff, the PittRace staff and a very special thanks to Mark and Dawn Merical from Race Line Ministry for all their support.

    Sponsors: Pirelli, Yamaha Motor Corp, Yamaha Champions Riding School, Karns Performance, Barnes Bros. Motorcycles, and Dainese.


    1. Army of Darkness (BMW 1000), Laps: 104, Best Time: 1:45.633

    Chris Peris, Ben Walters, Sam Fleming

    2. DLNQNT Racing (SUZ 1000), Laps: 104, Best Time: 1:45.635

    John Palmer, Ryan Manotti, Ash Woskob

    3. Bridgestone Endurance Racing (YAM 1000), Laps: 103, Best Time: 1:45.459

    Brandon Cretu, Cassidy Heiser

    4. WE R1 Endurance Racing Team (YAM 1000), Laps: 95, Best Time: 1:49.704

    James Frantz, Leonard Strom

    5. 316 Racing (KAW 1000), Laps: 93, Best Time: 1:52.679

    Andrew Buse, Samuel Fugate

    6. Team Nerdy & Dirty (YAM 1000), Laps: 79, Best Time: 1:50.363

    Anthony Sabatino, Thomas Delegram, Will GodFrey

    7. K Moto (KAW 1000), Laps: 66, Best Time: 1:49.252


    1. 3 Marines Racing (KAW 600), Laps: 102, Best Time: 1:49.435

    John Hvizdak, Eric Telger, Tim Wilson, William Posse

    2. Bobblehead Moto/N2 Racing (YAM 600), Laps: 101, Best Time: 1:47.030

    Emerson Amaya, Eziah Davis, John Kremenik

    3. Mi Scusi SDK (YAM 600), Laps: 100, Best Time: 1:47.970

    Thomas McQuigg ,Chris Kubricky, Scott Covington, Sloan West

    4. Hardbow Racing (KAW 600), Laps: 93, Best Time: 1:54.606

    5. Northknight (KAW 600), Laps: 91, Best Time: 1:56.522

    Bart DeRosa, John Moss, Matt Zimmerman, Tim Rendle

    6. Team Dietz (YAM 600), Laps: 91, Best Time: 1:47.203

    Eric Dietz, Steven Dietz, Tim Dietz

    7. Xtreme Autoglass Pro (YAM 600), Laps: 87, Best Time: 1:52.169

    8. Charlie Foxtrot Racing (YAM 600), Laps: 84, Best Time: 1:56.126

    9. SWG Motorsports (SUZ 650), Laps: 73, Best Time: 2:00.895

    Josh Gerardot, Kurtis Gretzinger


    1. Chiefs Racing Team (SUZ 650), Laps: 98, Best Time: 1:55.104

    Brian Mullins, David Stauffer, Gregory Reisinger, Kevin Boda

    2. RBOM 128 (SUV 650), Laps: 96, Best Time: 1:54.511

    Chris Parrish, Simon Buric

    3. 419 Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 95, Best Time: 1:55.158

    4. RBOM 117 (SUZ 650), Laps: 94, Best Time: 1:54.434

    Chris Bays, Curtis Murray, Robert Fisher

    5. Team Meat (SUZ 650), Laps: 95, Best Time: 1:53.735

    Dave Belsterling, Richard Michalski

    6. Quarterly Racing (KAW 400), Laps: 93, Best Time: 1:56.985

    Dallas Daniels, Jamie Astudillo

    7. Four Dudes on a Twin (SUZ 650), Laps: 91, Best Time: 1:56.339

    Lars Dunaway, Robby Cichielo, Steve Wilson

    8. Buckeye Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 90, Best Time: 2:02.153

    Joseph Ball, Tristan Konnecker

    9. CLE Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 87, Best Time: 1:54.252

    David Spaw, Jeff Schuster, Ray Meyers, Yaunce Long

    10. Eight Racing (KAW 400), Laps: 83, Best Time: 2:11.365

    11. Cymbal Monkey Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: n/a, Best Time: n/a

    Scott Nelson, Ron Perel

    Ultra Lightweight (2-Hour)

    1. The Draik 77 (YAM 320), Laps: 58, Best Time: 2:00.715

    Draik Beauchamp

    2. Herrin’s Hooligans (YAM 320), Laps: 58, Best Time: 2:00.603

    Blake Davis, Owen Fairbairn

    3. Commee Onnnn!!!! (YAM 300), Laps: 57, Best Time: 2:01.384

    4. TR3ES Racing (YAM 320), Laps: 56, Best Time: 2:02.912

    Heather Szymanik, Jared Trees

    5. Cymbal Monkey Lite (YAM 300), Laps: 54, Best Time: 2:04.346

    Scott Nelson, Ron Perel

    6. Stinger 300 Endurance (YAM 320), Laps: 54, Best Time: 2:05.349

    7. Team Yo! (KAW 250), Laps: 53, Best Time: 2:08.925

    Keith Buras

    8. Circuit Rider Racing (KAW 300), Laps: 53, Best Time: 2:09.584

    Lance Yeager, Thomas Moyer

    9. Chasing Shade Racing, (KAW 300), Laps: 53, Best Time: 2:11.318

    10. Lil Sanchez (YAM 300), Laps: 53, Best Time: 2:03.051

    11. 999 NES Racing (YAM 320), Laps: 49, Best Time: 2:07.618

    Fred Neumeyer, Vincent Lorusso

    12. Mighty Minion Racing (KAW 250), Laps: 47, Best Time: 2:20.688

    Larry Macoskie

    13. Chaos Racing (YAM 320), Laps: 37, Best Time: 2:08.470

    14. CLE Racing, Laps: 25, Best Time: 2:10.547

    Don Thacker, Jeff Schuster, Ray Meyers, Yaunce Long

    For more information about the Superbike Challenge Endurance, please contact our support team at racing@n2td.org or visit the dedicated racing page at http://www.n2td.org/racing.

    N2 Track Days is a volunteer-run motorcycle track day organization founded in 2014 by sport bike enthusiasts, instructors, and road racers. With many track dates and locations to offer, it is one of the largest track organizations in the country. N2 offers riding opportunities at many venues throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.


    WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, co-sanctioned by the AMA, was founded in 1973 and remains the foremost place to develop talent in the sport of motorcycle road racing. The legacy of Pro riders on a National and World level is legendary. All events are run by WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, and they go coast to coast offering entry level racing with the WERA Sportsman Series as well as a Pro-Am Series with the WERA National Challenge Series.

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