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NC Bike July 27-28

Discussion in 'Track Days' started by bmart, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Hey all! The weather looks perfect for another great N2 weekend. Who is coming to NC Bike in a week?

  2. darth nater

    darth nater Staff Member Control Rider N2

    Planning on being there. Will be my first time

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  3. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Awesome! Let me know if you need anything. This place is a blast and the best track I've been to as far as working on your skills with an above average safety buffer.
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  4. dave433

    dave433 Member

    Is the Pirelli tire guy going to be there?
  5. vinny337

    vinny337 Vin is in...Beastmode! Control Rider

    This track has sooooo much grip!!
  6. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    Will there be any tire service at this event?
  7. Dave561

    Dave561 Control Rider Director

    Pirelli tire service is available at all events.
  8. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    Sweet. Thanks
  9. dave433

    dave433 Member

    Thanks. Going to have my riding buddy pick me up a set at NC.
  10. Beresh21

    Beresh21 Member

    IN! It will be my first time there as well!
  11. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    You're going to have a blast! I'll be there both days but will be bugging out a few sessions early on Sunday. Come by and say hello! i'm on two old school R6 #23.
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  12. joe3530

    joe3530 New Member

    Strong probability of me manning up and making it down there for both days. Haven’t signed up yet though

    What’s the tire service fee to mount a rear middle of the weekend if i have the tire itself?
  13. r6blondie

    r6blondie Staff Member

  14. dhaines

    dhaines Member

    Anyone know who will be the tire vendor at this event? I might be picking up some sets for some buddies and wanted to reach out and see what’s up. Please and thank you
  15. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    Guessing Alex from MDM.
  16. Tier1motorsports

    Tier1motorsports New Member

    I’ll be there both days! I was going to show up Friday evening and camp in a tent

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  17. r6blondie

    r6blondie Staff Member

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  18. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    Mid 80s, I’d call that a gift in July!
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  19. Menotomy

    Menotomy World's Okayest Racer

    So switch to light beer?
  20. r6blondie

    r6blondie Staff Member

    Na... Mike's Hard Lemonade... the fruity stuff Will drinks.
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