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NC Bike July 28/29 Bumps and Credits

Discussion in 'News from the Administrators' started by kappy1000, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. kappy1000

    kappy1000 Control Rider Director

    Awesome weekend at NC Bike!!! For those members who don't put a lot of stock in weather forecasts and came out were rewarded with tons of open track time and one on one coaching! I want to thank all the CR's who came out to support.

    Congratulations to the following Members for their Bumps!

    Novice to Intermediate

    Francis Azari
    Kazim Khalil
    Bill Benson
    Paul Cho
  2. darth nater

    darth nater Staff Member Control Rider N2

    Congrats on the bumps!
  3. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    Congrats, folks!

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