NCBIKE 10/27/2014

Discussion in 'Event Photography' started by trevorb, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. trevorb

    trevorb New Member

    Was there anyone shooting photos at yesterday's event?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ToddG

    ToddG Control Rider Director

    We did not have anyone shhoting photos yesterday.

  3. Brad-22

    Brad-22 2009 R6, #22

    I have a picture from Advanced group with White bike #441 and red bike #163 in it. If anyone knows who they are let me know and ill send that picture out.
  4. thirdgenlxi

    thirdgenlxi New Member

    #163 is Kevin Khan.... not sure if he's on here or not. Here's his FB page....
  5. Brad-22

    Brad-22 2009 R6, #22

    Thanks, ill let him know I have a picture of him.
  6. I have 58 seconds of video from the 5th session in Novice. Pit out to halfway through turn 2. I thought the GoPro was charging on the cigarette lighter adapter red light was on???) from noon to 3:30. Bogus. Anyone need to see it? LOL
  7. Roadrashack

    Roadrashack New Member

    Brad-22- I would love to have the picture. PM me or post a link where I can retrieve it. I really appreciate it.

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