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Hey everybody, just signed up and figured I'd make myself known. I'm Dave, and I recently moved down to the Columbia area in SC from the Hudson Valley NY.

I've been riding for about 5 years on the street and now that I'm somewhere with decent year round weather I wanted to expand my riding skills. A little background, I started out on an 89 ninja 600 that was a street fighter when I got it, about a year later I was gifted with a ninja 250 and I rode the hell out of that thing. In the fall of 2019 I bought an MT09 after saving up all of the money I saved from quitting cigarettes.

I used to have some really good skills on the road and was usually at the head of the groups I rode with until my sister experienced a traumatic accident while I was out riding with her and her boyfriend. Ever since then I've been trying to regain my confidence and rationalize that with the proper practice and skill training I can be a smooth rider again. I know getting onto a track with some training will help.

Looking forward to getting out there and meeting some new people, it's been kind of dull since I moved.


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Welcome Dave!

Sorry to hear about your sister. Hope she is doing better.

N2 provides a great environment for riders of all skill levels to improve. Come find one of the CRs when you show up. Our goal is to help you regain that confidence in a systematic and safe way. As you develop your skills in a track environment, your confidence will come back naturally.

Hope to see you out there soon!


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Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the well wishes. She's a tough kid and I wouldn't be able to have lived through what she went through, but she continues to defy doctors.

I'm looking to get out to CMP on the 23rd, is there any way to find out of their are any intro spots left? If not I'm sure the entire day is well worth it and I'm probably going to just do that.

I've heard of N2 from a few people on the Fz09 forum and everything I've read is a good review! Anything I should know ahead of time that's not covered in the rider manual on the main page?


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Welcome, Dave. I look forward to riding with you. I'm out of Charlotte, NC, so we'll likely be at the same tracks. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything.


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Welcome Dave! Last I looked there were intro spots left, if you do sign up for intro bring a credit card or cash so you can finish the day because it will be the most fun you have had on a bike. Post up ant questions we all started the same place you are. The riders manual is fairly thorough.


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Welcome, Dave! So sorry to hear about your sister, I hope she continues to defy the docs and makes a full recovery.

The MT-09 will be a ton of fun on the track! You've come to the right place to learn skills that will improve your confidence! As others mentioned, work with a CR (control rider). We're in the orange shirts/vests. As a first time rider to the track, you'll be assigned a CR with other first time riders, so you won't just be tossed out on the track to fend for yourself, lol. The CRs will show you the line and give pointers on body position, bike control. Many of us have been to the Yamaha Champions Riding School, and pass along their priniciples.

You will have a blast!


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Well, I went ahead and just registered for the whole day. I couldn't really see myself there for a morning and leaving. I had a friend go out to the Yamaha school and he said it changed everything about his riding, good to know I'll be learning from some of the best!

I'm looking at the tracks near me and the schedule and looks like I might be able to convince the girlfriend to go to road atlanta if I'm good. If there's any more events at Roebling that'd be in my travel radius as well.

Really looking forward to getting out there, thanks for all the welcomes! I'm sure I'll think of some questions as I read the manual more.
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Welcome to N2 Track Days Dave. It will be good to see some local guys out there. I’m out of Columbia as well. Let me know if I can help with anything.