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Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by kcor, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. kcor

    kcor Kris

    I usually refrain from electronic feedback, preferring to say thank you face-to-face, but this is long overdue...

    Watching the CRs at NCBike last weekend go out in 108 heat index session after session was just fucking amazing. Each and every one of them did it without showing anything but enthusiasm and a desire to help others. It queued me to give a long overdue written thank-you.

    The selflessness and commitment to helping others displayed by the N2 crew never ceases to impress me. In my time as a member, here's just a selection of illustrations of individual CRs/event directors, on their own dime, being generous, without prompting, asking, or begging (maybe I just looked pitiful at some points :)... the mechanically challenged doofus I came in as is nearly unrecognizable today):

    1) All the tires, fuel, maintenance and rear-end/neck pain (literally from having to putter around looking back towing me)
    2) A pizza once, chicken another time (this was not part of any pot luck, etc.)
    3) Power for my warmers
    4) Beverages (aspirin next AM would have been good)
    5) A spare master after a crash, then a near-demand I go back on track, in tow, to get over it.
    6) Showing me how to bleed brakes
    7) An event director not killing me after I low-sided on my first ever trackday (at NYST) and stood near my bike to get the red flag to come out... wait... this never happened because that was N1... I get a pass, right?
    8) Finding a dozen ways to explain the same concept, until one actually clicked...
    9) Flagging me down leaving the track to help adjust my tow-situation
    10) Helping clean-up my bike and lending me an oil pan/filter after a K&N oil filter failure (if you're thinking of using one, just don't)

    There are countless other instances, but the above were in these moments where I almost quit or really wanted to give up. I just listed them so maybe they catch the eye of someone on here trolling and it makes them at least stop and think.

    I can't really articulate how badly I wanted to ride a motorcycle around a race track. To keep it brief, as a 12 year old, a friend of a friend took me to an LRRS event and after I was hanging off my bicycle and all I wanted to do was get out on the track. It took me another 14 years to do it, but once I did, I never could conceived that the best part of it all, what makes it what it is, for me, happens in the paddock.

    It took me so long to post because I have so many friends here, it seems like I'm clearly biased and writing would be rendundant. But that bias comes from four years of interaction with a group of fucking awesome people. I'm so grateful.

    You guys and girls rock. I try to pay it forward whenever I can, wherever I can. Thanks for everything.

    -Kris (not Smith)
  2. meanstrk

    meanstrk Control Rider

    When you love doing something, it's not work!

    Thank you!
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  3. CBRtist

    CBRtist La Loca Staff Member

    Love reading these! It's nice to see that others recognize our CRs' passion for the sport, dedication to safety, and enthusiasm for teaching riders to grow and progress at their own pace.

    I can tell you that every time I've been pulled over to have a CR speak to me, no matter how hot or tired I am, I know they are 10x that but are still taking the time....

    Gives me the warm fuzzy feels as a member :love:
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  4. imadraver

    imadraver Make Every Moment Matter! Control Rider

    Greatly appreciated...and sincere thanks to all the members that make these dreams possible!
  5. borislav

    borislav Control Rider

    Kris I still remember (if I'm not mistaken ) your first event at Road Atlanta few years ago! Just take a moment and look back the way you rode then and how you doing it now and that's why we love to do this + everything else!:D
  6. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Everyone did an awesome job! Riders as well as staff. It was one of those weekends that makes all the time and effort worth it. Thank you for making this club what it is!
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  7. Smithereens

    Smithereens Control Rider N2

    I'll confirm that it was unbelievably hot at NC and the CR's really put out... Guys like Kris Cowin make it worthwhile for the coaches who love to see other riders improve.... Now about that Lightning deal.... JK .... Hope you're doing well.

    Kris (not Corwin)
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