Orion/Pirelli Offers N2 Endurance Rewards Program

Discussion in 'News and Information' started by rob92, May 9, 2017.

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    In addition to purse payouts for top-three finishes, Orion/Pirelli has just sweetened the pot.

    HW 1st $250.00 2nd $75.00 3rd $50.00
    MW 1st $200.00 2nd $75.00 3rd $50.00
    LW 1st $150.00 2nd $50.00 3rd $25.00
    ULW 1st $100.00 2nd $50.00 3rd $25.00

    * Competitors must use Pirelli tires front and rear
    * Riders must display Pirelli decals on both sides of front fender and both sides of lower fairing
    * Riders must not display any competing tire brands on the motorcycle or rider outfit
    * Payouts are based on final standings of the race and are paid in contingency credits only redeemable with local authorized racing service vendor. Awarded credits may be used as soon as final results are posted and made official
    * Riders receiving credits agree to allow Pirelli and Orion Motorsports to use the likeness of the rider in promoting the race and the rider results in all mainstream media
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    Awesome news

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