Overheating GSXR - Head Gasket?

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by Dutcavich, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. vinny337

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    I've always removed the thermostat in GSXR's and didn't have a issue with the bike overheating, from my experience on the older GSXR's are notorious for overheating. If it was me I wouldn't dump a too much money in a race/track bike that's 12 years, but there are a lot of particulars something for you to think about.
  2. Motofun352

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    My '05 750 acted this way. No fan. It was very intolerant of just sitting with the motor running, especially during the summer months. I would pull of the track at 198 degrees and by the time I made it back to the paddock it would be over 220 and puking into the over flow bottle. Once I got it up to running temperature I would kill the motor while waiting in hot pit...just my experience, probably of no help...
  3. bmart

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    Right. No fans on a track bike in the South can be an issue. There really isn't any weight savings. My two R6 bikes and my old 750 all work fine (220 and below) with the fans still installed. Is it time to ride yet?
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  4. andykurz

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    I think I saw this mentioned in a few of the replies but this generation GSXR gets air in the system easily. Are you using the bleed screw on the water pump? How does your cap and the ring on the radiator where it mounds look? Does the cap thread on easily or do you have to crank it on? If the latter, you may have bent the radiator and it is not allowing the cap to relieve pressure. The radiator cap is the first thing to hit the ground on these bikes when you crash and are often damaged.

    What fluid are you using? If you have a high percentage of water in your system, know that it does not dissipate heat well.

    These bikes do have lousy cooling systems but not bad enough to cause your issues. Sounds like it was related to your crash.
  5. Dutcavich

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    I'm not using the bleed screw on the pump... should I be? I've been trying to slowly turn the cap to let air escape. I just bought a racing cap that's rated to 1.6 bars. I was hoping it would make a difference.

    The cap does NOT thread on easily. It's pretty hard to torque the thing closed. Maybe I should buy a new radiator. The bike did go down on that side after all.

    I have mostly water in the system. If after burping the system with the new cap doesn't resolve the overflow problem, I'll try a new radiator.

    I had a mechanic friend come over with a head gasket "sniffer" that can "smell" your coolant to see if it's getting exhaust gas in it. It didn't detect anything, and he said he doubts it a head gasket. Thankfully. Hopefully I can get this thing up and running good by March for VIR.
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  6. andykurz

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    Follow the factory bleed procedure first before you go and buy stuff. The manual is available online to download if you do not. Step 2, 100% water does not cool effectively enough for this bike. At a minimum you should use water wetter additive like this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/...R7z8Zya5uay64K3y4FyP9QTeAWYsWsNxoCyhgQAvD_BwE

    Note: Water + wetter does not have anti-corrosive additives, so you can do harm to your engine by running a primarily water coolant over time. Many racers / track day riders use Engine Ice for that reason.
  7. HondaGalToo

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    Just one quick note about Engine Ice. It is a glycol-based antifreeze/coolant, so it's currently not allowed in Advanced group with N2. WERA may still ban it as well, not positive about that. Fine for Novice and Intermediate, as those groups are allowed to run antifreeze (although it would be better if they switched, too). Although, being propylene glycol based it's less slippery than traditional green ethanol glycol, but still slippery to clean up.
  8. Dutcavich

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    So the guys in advanced run...? Water wetter?
  9. bmart

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    I've run only distilled water and Water Wetter for decades in all of my track bikes, including a GSXR, without any issue. The only things that I have seen cause overheating on track days are bikes without fans and bikes with air in their cooling systems. Take the time to troubleshoot it properly and look at the easy stuff first.
  10. R1Baby

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    Yep. Been running water and water wetter for years with I. Line 4's and twins. No issues.
  11. wmhjr

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  12. HondaGalToo

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    Yes, or some other non-glycol based coolant.
  13. HondaGalToo

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    Yup, that's another option, as is Motul's MoCool.

    I've been running distilled water + water wetter in my '07 gixxer since...well...07. No issues with overheating. Sometimes after the first day I need to re-fill the reservoir, probably because more air got "bounced" out from riding, then it's fine the rest of the season.

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