Passing tech with a dented tank?

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by Beresh21, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Beresh21

    Beresh21 New Member

    Curious if my gas tank will pass tech or not? It's dented pretty good on the right side but it does not leak and the bike runs as it should. I am on my company laptop so no pictures available at the moment. Thanks!
  2. CBRtist

    CBRtist La Loca

    I've seen plenty a person ride with a "pretty good" dented tank. I believe as long as it doesn't leak or present a hazard, you will be good to go. Hopefully someone will be along shortly to confirm this.
  3. Slitherin

    Slitherin Control Rider Director

    Dents are fine as long as it doesn't leak or have any sharp edges.
  4. 2blueyam

    2blueyam New Member

    I have been doing track days for about 8 years with a dented tank on my R1. It doesn't have any sharp creases and doesn't leak. No tech with any of the orgs has ever asked about it.
  5. Beresh21

    Beresh21 New Member

    Sweet. Thanks everyone!
  6. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    All of my track bikes have big dents...from previous owners!
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