Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (SC1) - Front Tire Question


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I started using Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (SC1) tires, with warmers, on an SV650. Stock wheels 120/70 Front, 160/60 Rear. 36 PSI Front, 25 PSI rear.

The rear tire visibly wears out (after 3-4 track days) and gets replaced, but the front still looks great, after twice as many track days.

How many track days/heat cycles is too many for a front tire? Is there are rule of thumb? I would rather replace too soon than too late, but don't want to throw away a perfectly good tire.


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For racing I use 2 rears for each front, the front will show lots of rubber and you can go longer but the profile of the front starts to change and you can feel the different when you flip to a new front if your profile is off.


Two to one generally on my SV, but keep an eye on the profiles. If it starts to look too asymmetrical or carved out between the center and edge swap it out. That applies front and rear.

Different tracks, riders, bikes and conditions will all vary from the general 2-1 rule.

I ran my last track day with a shagged on the left rear tire. It was “interesting”. Rolled fine in the rights, slid and spun in the lefts.