Pirelli Rosso corsa 2 cold tire psi

Discussion in 'Pirelli Information Forum' started by Mark Geiwitz, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Mark Geiwitz

    Mark Geiwitz New Member

    Hi, was wondering if anyone has any feed back with the new (Pirelli Rosso Corsa 2) cold tire psi for the track?

  2. Thunderace

    Thunderace BIG JIM Control Rider

    I can't speak for cold pressures, but the hot pressure for the Rosso Corsa was 27-28 for the rear and 32-33 for the front. I had them on my CR bike all last year and the rear still looks pretty good.
  3. Mark Geiwitz

    Mark Geiwitz New Member

    Cool, Thanks for the info.

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