Please allow me to re-introduce myself I'm a man of . . .

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    no wealth but I do think I have taste (a little, maybe). You guys be the judge.

    Anyhow some of you might remember me from my first track day with N2 in Sep'18 at CMP. For that I was riding my Husky SMR450 Supermoto. Had a great time but got blown away on every straight away just to close on corner entry under braking. Was a fun but somewhat frustrating day.

    Or you may remember me from my next event (RA in Oct) in which I brought my ex-V&H XR1200 series H-D XR1200X. Also there with me that weekend was one of my riding buddies an 83 Honda VF750. Long story short, my bike tried to kill me. My friend on the other hand had a great day beating up on a few of the 600s with his old school technology. And has been hooked.

    Fast forward to this past weekend. Well wait lets back back-up a minute. At the RA event when my bike was trying to kill me, I asked one of the CR to take the H-D for a spin. And he was crazy enough to let me take his BMW1000... for a trip around the track. WOW, was both of our reactions. Mine because the beemer carved so nice, no wrestling & manhandling the thing to get it to turn. It was like a hot knife going through soft butter. His WOW was more along the lines of man this thing is heavy, a lot of work, and you feel like you must be doing 120 at least until you look down and you haven't event pull 100 yet and the thing is shaking/vibrating you to death. "man you guys need to get some more modern equipment . . ." was his comment.

    Over the winter month we (me and my friend) looked at a bunch of used track bike adds. Side note: we both have very understanding of our motorcycle addiction wives, we love you girls. Anyhow our thought process was that it would be nice if we could find a couple of same/similar year bikes. Way back when I first met this dude (35 years ago) we both ran around in '78 280Z cars. The ability to swap parts for diagnoses was a great feature. We heed and hoed about a lot of bike, but our patients finally paid off.

    OK now lets fast forward to this past weekend. The Monday prior an add was posted for a pair of '07 CBR600RR bikes and a shit ton of gear to go with it. Saturday afternoon we head out to go look at them (500+ miles away) 32 hours later we pulled back into town with this:

    Next scheduled event RA, first weekend in May (P.R.E.), see you there.

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  2. chrisplm

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    Love it! Welcome....Again!
  3. vinny337

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    Nice Dave!
  4. Otto Man

    Otto Man John Control Rider

    Awesome. Clearly the addiction has taken hold. Nice! :D
  5. tdelegram

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    That’s a good looking set up. Have fun.
  6. bmart

    bmart Control Rider

    One of the best track weapons made to date. Enjoy!
  7. MrFrzz

    MrFrzz slow and wide

    I wanted to buy those so bad.. :(

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