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    (Posting this here as well as in the News and Information section)

    Attention N2 members!!!

    Please join me in celebrating the official opening of GP Coach! Providing private coaching in the Mid-Atlantic area at N2 Track Days events, the focus will be on making riders safer as well as helping them reach their riding goals. Through the 3C program and N2's strong partnership with YCRS, as well as the ongoing efforts with the ATP program, this just became the next step in the natural evolution of the level of service I want to provide to our members.

    Please visit the website for more information about GP Coach and the available services. Check your calendar for an event near you. Starting today I will be taking reservations for the 2019 season.

    I am very excited about this new adventure in my career as a coach and look forward to helping as many riders as possible. See you at the track!
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    Good stuff!
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    I just did ycrs again and with AJ as one of the instructors. I was really happy getting what I expected from him even though he was under the weather. AJ is clear, concise and most importantly, provides actionable feedback that nets better results. Personally I hope he chooses to just ride from time to time as it’s always fun to mix it up with friends that can provide feedback.

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    Wow! And I didn't even have to pay him for that! But something tells me one way or another I will pay for it ;-)

    Seriously though...thanks for the kind words Tom. It was great to see you out there and great to see someone with your speed and skill level still working to improve as a rider. I will get some time here and there to sneak out on my own to play. Looking forward to riding with you this season!
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