PUMA 1000v2 boots: $225 shipped


3/18/2012: Boots have been SOLD!

PUMA 1000v2 boots: US 11/ Euro 44

These boots were $325 when new. I’m selling them for $150 shipped in the USA. They are in good to great condition. They were involved in a minor crash but the only scratches are on the toe slider, ankle hinge, and buckle latch on the right boot. It’s minor scratches and don’t affect the integrity of the boot. The soles are in great condition. I recently cleaned and conditioned the boots. Even though the tag says US 11/ Euro 44, they fit more like a true US 10. If your feet are any larger than a US 10 shoe, I’d expect your toes will be a little cramped for space.

The official PUMA description is:

The 1000v2 boot was developed with the help of Grand Prix riders and is a pro-level boot suited for any kind of road racing activity due to it's improved safety components.

•Intelligent Safety: The Ghost Doctor protection device has been designed after the medically defined "angles of no return", beyond which you would suffer from ankle injury. It limits the movement range in all four directions and becomes active when the ankle reaches a dangerous angle, making it an intelligent protection device that's only there when you need it
•Increased Protection: The Exo Low has a 360-degree cockpit construction that wraps under the heal, maximizing stability and increasing lateral impact protection
•Improved Cushioning: A small cushioning structure is built into the lower portion of the Exo Low to provide vertical impact protection in the event of a high speed crash
•Comfort Zones: Additional comfort zone areas in the shin and calf are constructed of mesh and foam padding for that extra snug fit.