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Q4's or Bridgestone RS10's

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by kawijay, May 20, 2019.

  1. kawijay

    kawijay New to this

    Hey guys...need some direction on which tire to get for my July and August sessions at PITTRACE.

    I will be using a 2013 Kawasaki ZX636R. I am a big Bridgestone fan but if the Q4's are a better tire for the track so be it.

    Anyone out there with any advice? Please help.....
  2. moman

    moman Member

    I've used the Q4 and S21, both warm up quickly, wear about the same and provide great grip. I have not used the RS10 but have heard and read that they are great but wear relatively fast. Also I believe the RS10 come at a greater price and I've not seen rebates offered on them either. I'm cheap and am always looking to save a buck on things I have to throw away :like:
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  3. tdelegram

    tdelegram Control Rider

    Unless you’re running a mid-pack Advanced pace either tire will be more than sufficient. Get the one that gives you more confidence and trust.
  4. rob92

    rob92 Control Rider N2

    I finally got to try the new Pirelli TD tire and I'm thoroughly impressed. I've turned a ton of laps on the Q3 and more recently the Q4s. After trying the TD's this past weekend at Roebling on our two-up bike (FZ1), I could not believe the grip/feel of these tires. If I'm not racing, the TDs are going on my bike! Plus, you'll have a Pirelli vendor at N2 events...

    Nate Kern tried out the TDs this weekend at Roebling and was clicking off 1:15s on these tires. Used a warmer on the rear, front warmer had an issue. After a few laps, he got into the 15's. Tires are crazy good. The Q4 is outstanding, but I'd say the TDs are a slight cut above the Q4.

    This is what good product development and competition brings to the market. Love it.
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  5. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Control Rider

    I wonder how the TD tires would have worked at Pitt this last weekend? I wrecked my back doing multiple tire swaps with the changing conditions. Just leaving the TD's on my coaching bike might make more sense.
  6. atahan koymen

    atahan koymen New Member

    Currently i ride Q4s on my 2015 636. I put these on when my original tires went bald due to multiple track days. I rode 3 weekends last year on Q4s in novice at a pace of 2.09 to 2.10 at PittRace. They warm up pretty quick and felt quite stable at these lap times. Last weekend i rode them again (4th weekend) and bumped to intermediate and was turning 2.02.-2.03 lap times and they were still performing very stable at those lap times. This year i bought dual temp tire warmers though not that its necessary but gives me peace and confidence. At the end of the 4th weekend that is 8 days of total riding probably close to 40 plus sessions my rear tire is down to wear bars, and i doubt it will pass next events tech inspection. Fronts are fine. Still i have absolutely no sign of lack of grip in the rear but i will change it anyway. So overall they are better than my OEM tires they grip better, warm up quicker if you dont have tire warmers, and they last decent amount. I was running 34 front and 32 rear tire pressures off the tire warmers set at high. When i did not have the warmers i set them at 32f 30r cold.
  7. HondaGalToo

    HondaGalToo Control Rider

    They have the same sipe pattern as the Supercorsa DOT race tires, so I doubt they'll be very good in the wet. The Rosso Corsas would be better in that case.

    Disclaimer: I have not used the TD tire.
  8. kawijay

    kawijay New to this

    Thanks guys! It seems like the RS10 's are not considered lol
  9. kawijay

    kawijay New to this

    Hey guys I just wanted to reach back and give a report about a track day I had at Thunderbolt on Memorial Day. I had the Bridgestone S21's on. They were absolutely excellent. I will submit pics of the tires after the 3rd and 4th session. Please give me feedback
  10. realpsi

    realpsi New Member

    I've used S21 and RS10. For a track tire I would use RS10 over S21. For street and track I would use S21. Oddly enough, I have s21 on my two track bikes and rs10 on my only street bike left. When the s21 tires are done I am thinking of trying the TD, but RS10s are usually much cheaper than the other equivalent brands.

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