Question about Golf Carts @ RA


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My wife has a temporary disability (foot surgery), and her friend from high school works the main office at Road America. She said she can rent a golf cart for the day and won't be stuck at the truck in the pits the entire time. I did some quick reads through the FAQ and the manual and a search but didn't find anything much about the topic.

Aside from the obvious "watch out for others" and such, are there any separate NESBA rules on golf carts or other small transport vehicles around the event?


the only think i can think of is that you'll need to buy a license for it through road A. otherwise you shouldn't have any problems.


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Hello. I have had electric and just upgraded to gas end of last season. Haven't even got a chance to have it in a campground yet. Gas as far more power. But I think I am going to miss my stealth mode. We prefer the EZ GO just because of looks.

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