Road Atlanta 4/5 pics

Discussion in 'Event Photography' started by sable, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. sable

    sable New Member

    I missed the website link for the photographer. Can somebody please post that up?
  2. hurricanejohn

    hurricanejohn Member

  3. hurricanejohn

    hurricanejohn Member

  4. highsidephoto

    highsidephoto New Member

    Thanks, John. Meant to come on the forum and post but forgot. This old mind wanders, you know......
  5. hurricanejohn

    hurricanejohn Member

    No worries Raul - you always have my back (and my front, my side, riding, crashing etc....). I figured right after the event you had to do another emergency run to Hong Kong and stay in one of those run down Hyatt hotels there.......:p


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