Road Atlanta July 6 / 7 - Bumps and Credits

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    Bumps and Credits are in the system.

    Another outstanding weekend at Road Atlanta! For all those who braved the heat; great clean riding! Congratulations to the following members for their advancement in class.


    Richard Cody
    Matthew Brandel
    Christian Garcia
    Armin Memovic
    Thad Carlton
    Quantez Franklin
    Jon Miglionico
    Garrett Stansel
    Mitchell Wright
    Mark Narkier
    Bruce Pacheco
    Brandon Blackwell
    Donovan Stott
    Michael Brown
    Ty Nguyen
    Shah Lodi
    Carter Allen
    George Zarragoitia
    George Zarragoita JR
    David Hurayt
    David Stout


    Donovan Stott
    Steve Knickerbocker
    Bryan Jeffrey
    John Hildebrandt
    Shahin Moeini
    Heather Hunter
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    Wow! Quite a list of names. Congrats to everyone!

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    Nice work, all!

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