Roebling May 25 / 26 - Bumps & Credits

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    Bumps and credits are in the system.

    Awesome weekend at Roebling! Those members who braved the 100 degree heat this past weekend were rewarded with tons of open track and plenty of CR coaching time. No red flags on Sunday was the result of everyone riding within themselves and on track courtesy! Congratulations to the following riders for the advancement in class.

    Novice to Intermediate

    Mitchell Edwards
    Eric Capps
    Wiston Rivera
    Melissa Poulnott
    Angela Winter
    Joseph Zulewski
    Khari Ford
    Heidi Luce
    Kevin Free
    Gary Lelani
    Andrew Congressi
    Adam Gotti
    Joe Koeniger
    Zack French
    Nash Deaton
    Jimmie Musgrow
    D'Andre Taylor

    Intermediate to Advanced

    Craig Secosan
    Juan Martinez
    Aaron Gendraw
    Andrew Congressi
    Chad Herman

    Congratulations to the following members for completing the N2 Race School on Saturday under the tutelage of Craig "Huey" Stewart. Great mock race!!

    Eric Shaw
    John Donan
    Dennis Buckley
    Bryan Persall
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    Holy smokes. That's a lot of bumps! :bumpme:

    Congrats all. I look forward to riding with you.
  3. darth nater

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    Great job everyone...congrats!

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