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Discussion in 'N2 Paddock Section' started by MrFrzz, Nov 6, 2018.

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    I know the official N2 season isnt wrapped up until Barber, but Ang and I decided to go ahead and shut it down for winter maintenance. I just wanted to give a huge thanks to N2 for this season. It was our first time ever getting to the track and you guys made us feel right at home, from our first days, right up till we left from our last at Road Atlanta. We're aiming to make our TD schedule around N2's next season and hope to continue riding with you guys. We may look at other orgs for different track availability but we really like the way N2 runs a day. We didnt have the PA system at RA in October, but it ran so smooth with everybody watching clocks and sticking to time slots.

    Just wanted to single a few folks out as well
    Kappy - Thanks for running a tight ship and always being available for advice, critiques, and encouragement

    Huey - Thanks for getting my suspension sorted out at Roebling and putting up with my facebook questions left and right. Hope to be dropping the bikes off to you this winter if youre still up for it.

    Brian (imadriver) - Thanks for taking my wife under your wing on her first day and working with her and getting her up to speed. She's a better rider than I am, so Im struggling to stay ahead of her lol

    Brad (Bmart) - Thanks for putting up with the 13451684135 messages I've sent you over the summer asking questions about bikes, riding, etc.

    Quentin and Jamie - Thanks for the help at Road Atlanta and all season long.

    Robert Murillo - Thanks for taking the time at Roebling to talk with me and give feedback all through the season and thanks for also putting up with all the Q's on facebook. I feel like I've had a 1 on 1 coach all season that I can get feedback and advice from. Still wanna try to help pit crew for ya next season when youre racing if we can.

    Chris K. - Thanks for the help at CMP and off track. After your feedback and some others, I realize I need to go back and restructure some things with my riding, so I've got a lot of homework over the off season.

    Finn - didn't get to work much with you this season, but looking forward to next year. Wish Ang could have linked up with you at RA.

    Kurt - Thanks for getting Ang and myself out to the track and teaching us in your private course off the track. We cant thank you enough!

    Justin N - thanks for all the tips and outlook in looking ahead to getting into racing down the road. Still gonna try to pit crew for you next year when we can.

    - If I forgot anyone in particular, I am sorry. I think ALL of N2's CR's do a great job at making the riders feel welcomed, valued, and you do a great job of keeping us focused disciplined.

    To all those that I've met or pitted with over the season - thanks for a great season and it was fantastic meeting you! Praying you all have a great winter and I hope to see and pit with you again next year.

    I'm very blessed to have met all of you and cannot wait till next year.
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    Great to see you out and all the improvement this year...congrats Bo! See ya next year!
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    Happy to help anytime! Looking forward to riding together a bit next year.

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