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Discussion in 'Member Feedback' started by b_palmer22, Jul 13, 2015.

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    Hey guys, first post here. Just wanted to reach out and say how fantastic my experience with N2 has been. Yesterday was my 2nd day running with N2. I had signed up for Shenny & Main. In the morning I got a text from my boss saying that I would have to work monday. I went and spoke to the owner and he said there was no problem at all offering me a refund. I'm a disabled Vet and my knees and back are really really bad.

    I generally can make it a full day without any issues but yesterday my pain was exceptionally bad. I reluctantly decided to pack up mid day and head home. As much as I wanted to stay, I just could feel my self getting sloppy and figured it would be better off just to call it a day.

    After I had packed up, and was heading out I get up over the bridge of shenny and Robby(I believe is the owners son) rode after me, stopped me on the side of the road to ensure everything was OK. I told him about how I was feeling a little banged up to safely continue the day, and told me to reach out to N2 support and they'd credit me a 1/2 day. To come ride after me, and make sure everything was OK really blew me away, then to offer me a credit on top of it was just amazing. Seriously cant say enough about this great club. Thanks for having me, and I'm looking forward to riding with you guys again.
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    Thanks for the complementary feedback.... We give our best.
    Looking forward to seeing you at another N2 event
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    When we noticed you were packing up mid-day with beautiful weather, Robby followed you up the hill to make sure everything was OK. We came to understand that your knees weren't in agreement and know that is is our distinct pleasure to help/serve you and any other vet out as best we can. We have MANY members from the armed forces and it's a very small gesture on our part when we consider all that you guys and gals have done for us.

    This isn't an organization without our members and this is just our way of paying it back -and- forward.

    THANK YOU, Brad!
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