Sharkskinz for 2006/2007 GSXR 600/750

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    For sale is a complete set of track plastics and tank that I used on my 2007 GSXR 750. They are professionally painted and have never been down. They aren't perfect but are very solid and easily pass the 10' rule of looking great. The only "structural" issue is the bike got knocked over which cracked a small portion of my tail section on the right side. I fixed it and rattle-canned it and put a sticker over it. Most of the stickers are under the clear coat but there are a handful on top that can be removed. The neon yellow plate on the front and under tail is just vinyl and can be easily removed (numbers and pinstriping too). All hardware to plug it right up to the bike is included (Dzus fasteners and hardware to the frame).

    Included in the sale (I won't part anything out since it all matches):
    -upper with clear windscreen
    -tail section
    -undertail (inner rear fender........not sure what it's called)
    -front fender
    -OEM gas tank with Vortex cap and fuel pump

    Here's a rough idea on cost new just to talk through my asking price:
    -upper with hardware kit ($435)
    -lower ($256)
    -superbike tail with kit ($297)
    -front fender (I don't think this is Sharkskinz so I won't count it)
    -OEM gas tank (never damaged) with fuel pump and Vortex gas cap ($450 for tank with fuel pump and $100 for Vortex cap)
    -Professional paint job ($750)

    My total investment is over $2300. I'll sell the whole thing shipped to the 48 continental states for $1100.

    I've included pics of the whole set and will be happy to send detailed pics to anyone who is interested.

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    I would be interested if your willing to sell the gas tank separate, I have two blue ones in this color already. Let me know.
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    We may be able to make that work. I'll PM you.
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