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    Can anyone here help me out with the best/cheapest way to ship a race body kit?

    I have a buyer for a used set from my R6 that I'm selling, but the shipping quotes I'm getting online from UPS and FEDEX are insane - like $180.00 from IL to GA !

    Is that just the way it is, or is there a better way ( it cant really cost that much can it ? )?

    Thanks alot
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    I just had an upper and fender shipped to me from someone on here and it only cost him $52 via UPS, NY to ATL. I wouldn't think a whole kit would be a ton more than that. That number sounds a bit high.....
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    Get that box size down. I have shipped bodywork to Swens for considerably cheaper.

    Start with wrapping every part in bubble wrap then fit it all together like a puzzle to make the smallest bundle you can. Trim the box down so it is as small as you can get away with and stuff all voids with paper or more bubble wrap.

    I cannot get it as small but Drew has shipped me complete painted sets for $50 or so. Must have been one of those kids that played with puzzles a lot growing up.
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    Wrap the body work well, get two large boxes, fit the body work in, tape the boxes together and that's it. If you have to ship some parts in another box (rear tail and bottom belly pan) then do it, it will be cheaper. Use the online system not the UPS store, and it will be cheaper as well.

    Good luck!

    I'm the one who shipped it :)

    COBALT COUPE Burnin' gas & haulin' a$$ !

    thanks for the replies guys. I have got it down to USPS being the cheapest, but they have a size limit so I will have to get it in a smaller box. UPS and FEDEX are both about $50 - 60 more than USPS, but again thats with the big box I started with.

    I did think just that as far as - lots of bubble wrap to protect each piece and fit them all together to make the bundle smaller, just dont want to have anything get damaged.

    And like someone mentioned, I did think about sending two smaller boxes instead of one big one if it would be cheaper, I'll have to do the online calculator to find out.

    Another option I was made aware of is Greyhound shipping. Thats the cheapest, but its not door to door, its bus station to bus station, so if either party is not close to a bus station, driving is involved which takes time and burns gas money. The closest one to me is about 60 miles, so the savings are pretty much wiped out with drive time and gas money.

    Thanks again for the help.

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