Soo.... Where is everyone going to go


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So what club is everyone going to go to now that the end seems to be near for nesba. I have only done a day with one other group and they sucked compared to nesba. Mainly cause there was no real structure. It seemed u could ask for a bump up and get it. So another question is where are the control riders going to go. They are what made me stay with nesba. You guys are the best. So..... Where is everyone going to call home

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according to FB, TPM will be honoring the NESBA stuff. Then of course, you have PRE (the former SE director, John Allen's new org). Plenty of orgs and places to ride.



i'm still in shock that this is happening...
I was hoping it was a misunderstanding...
NESBA was my 1st...


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It was also announced on RoadRace Nation. I'm near my computer, so if you request to join, I'll approve you ASAP.


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To be clear, TPM will honor the basic/elite memberships from Nesba but not the full season pass (in case anyone was wondering). Still great of them to do so.

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More racing. Mainly CCS then back into the dirt hare scrambles with ecea. Supermoto racing up at ovrp. Then get my TD fix with a.c.e./ absolute cycle. Its a shame been riding with nesba since 03 and always said they were the best to any who asked about track days. Just keep hitting the same tracks and pit with the same people and it won't be that different.